Analysis: ETH is likely to be unable to break the 200 moving average, the possibility of callback is greater

On April 5th, ETH supporter Anthony Sassano said that ETH performed well in many ways. Sassano compared the fundamentals of Ethereum with the fundamentals of May 22, 2017. On May 22, 2017, the price of ETH exceeded $150. But at the same time, some analysts said that the current technical aspects of ETH do not seem so "fire." Zerononcense editor James Edwards said that ETH is currently in the process of "fake breakout" from the flat-top mode, while the 200-day exponential moving average has been above, which is not a good signal. Edwards pointed out that in the case of low volume and relatively strong indicators of over-bought, ETH is likely to be unable to break the 200-EMA, so the possibility of a callback is even greater.