Industry blockchain weekly news 6.15-6.21 | Thunder Group and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology jointly established blockchain laboratory

Text: Yu Xiqing

Editor: Wang Qiao

As the first institutional media to propose an industrial blockchain, Zinc Link has been actively promoting the industrial blockchain. Through in-depth reports on the pain points of the industry, through the sharing will listen to the industry voice, through the weekly report to present the industry view, through the comments to show the unique industry perspective.

The following is a summary of the industrial blockchain news from June 15th to June 21st.

I. Industry blockchain information and comments

Tianjin wholesale market will use platformchain and other technologies to develop platform economy and integrate market merchant resources

Recently, Tianjin formulated the “Implementation Plan for Promoting the Transformation and Upgrading of Tianjin Wholesale Market”. It is understood that Tianjin's special upgrade of the wholesale market will carry out four tasks of developing platform economy and expanding and strengthening the industry scale. It is mentioned that the wholesale market should actively adapt to the requirements of digital economic development, use the Internet, Internet of Things, big data, blockchain, cloud computing and other technologies to develop platform economy, integrate market merchant resources, and build or dock into the e-commerce platform. (interface)

Comment: The rapid development of the digital economy makes the traditional platform economy urgently need to adapt to the new trend, and some of the four high-tech technologies such as the blockchain can promote the platform economy, integrate market merchant resources through technology integration, and adapt to the development requirements of the digital economy. .

Thunder Group and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology jointly established blockchain laboratory

On June 17, the Thunder Group and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology announced the establishment of the "Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – Thunder Zone Block Chain Joint Laboratory" and held a signing ceremony and laboratory listing ceremony in Hong Kong. The lab aims to develop cutting-edge blockchain technologies and applications that are influential and applicable to a wide range of industries, and to build a high-performance blockchain technology ecosystem in the Greater Bay Area of ​​Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau.

Comment: In recent years, with the establishment of blockchain laboratories in different regions, blockchain technology has developed. The construction of the industrial ecosystem chain of the industrial blockchain requires the cooperation of major enterprises, schools and institutions to provide technical theoretical support for the landing of blockchain technology.

Major Japanese manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Electric will use blockchain to share production data

100 major Japanese manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Electric and Yaskawa Electric will use blockchain technology to ensure information security and share production data with each other to improve efficiency. Shared content includes product design data, production equipment status, and quality inspection information. The project is expected to start next spring and will be overseen by the Industry Value Chain Initiative. The “Industry Value Chain Initiative” is a manufacturer alliance that was launched in 2015 to promote Japan’s “Internet of Things”. (Nikkei News)

Comment: As the IoT infrastructure grows exponentially, security issues will become more common. The decentralized and non-tamperable features of blockchain technology can improve the security of each node in the Internet of Things. The activation of smart contracts can automate transactions after satisfying the pre-defined terms. Similarly, the blockchain in the Internet of Things will use the device-to-device interaction capabilities of the Internet of Things to introduce an automatic payment mechanism.

Securities Times: Blockchain projects designed to solve problems have the potential to survive and develop

The Securities Times Network today believes that in the long run, blockchain projects designed to solve problems have the potential to survive and develop. Blockchain projects need to provide solutions in terms of efficiency or fairness. Therefore, blockchain projects must stand out from the crowd and have several characteristics: 1. Need to solve the pain points of the industry, meet the needs and voices of users; 2. Be easy to land; 3. The project itself is in line with the logic of business development; The blockchain application is the simplest and lowest cost of the various solutions to the problem.

Comment: Blockchain technology has developed to the present, there are still many drawbacks, and many speculators use the financial properties of the blockchain to illegally finance, which casts a shadow over the blockchain. Finding the right landing plan and reasonable business model is the focus of current industry development.

Eight banks of Jiangxi Bank conducted the first financing payment based on the blockchain platform

According to official sources, the eight banks of Jiangxi Bank carried out the first financing payment based on the Wanxiang blockchain supply chain financial service platform, and realized the use of financial technology and blockchain technology to serve private and small and micro enterprises. (chain smell)

Comment: Blockchain technology has a certain number of landing cases in supply chain finance. With the bundling of blockchain technology, the supply chain finance has brought about a large amount of de-authentication, authentication, anti-skinning, and information coordination. improve. The blockchain's multi-party collaboration can promote the development of the supply chain financial market, and the penetrating supervision of the underlying assets will also help to improve asset ratings.

Facebook Cryptographic White Paper: Libra Blockchain Network is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2020

On June 18th, the Facebook cryptocurrency white paper was released, which mentioned that the source code of the Libra blockchain has been opened and Libra's initial test network has been launched. The scheduled targeted release date is the first half of 2020.

Comment: As one of the global social giants, Facebook has released a white paper on cryptocurrency and announced the project blockchain network plan, which may affect the development of the entire blockchain industry. The Internet giant's entry into the blockchain may usher in a new round of regulatory reforms.

EU Council implements new regulations to promote digital innovation including blockchain technology

The EU issued a report on June 17, 2019, saying that the EU Council will implement new regulations to promote the use of public sector data. These data include real-time datasets related to weather and traffic, and data will also appear in blockchain and artificial intelligence projects to promote digital innovation across the EU. The Council of the European Union said that by making public sector data more accessible, it will stimulate the EU economy, accelerate the development of a data-based society, and create more jobs in the technology sector. (BTCmanager)

Comment: The future will be the era of digital informationization. The combination of blockchain and artificial intelligence is conducive to digital innovation. The world's major institutions use blockchain, artificial intelligence and other high-tech to promote world digital innovation and accelerate the development of a new data-based world.

Alipay blockchain technology patent application for the third consecutive year in the world, more than 40 scenes have been landed

According to the world-renowned intelligent information service organization Ke Rui Wei An recently announced that as of April 30, 2019, Alibaba ranked first in the world with 290 blockchain patent schemes. In conjunction with the IPRdaily, the authoritative IP industry media, published the “Global Blockchain Patent Enterprise Rankings” in the past two years, Alibaba has applied for the number of blockchain patents for the third consecutive year in the world. It is understood that Alibaba's blockchain patents are basically from Alipay's ant blockchain team, which has become Alipay's world-class ace technology. Data from Alipay shows that its blockchain technology has reached more than 40 scenarios, and the efficiency of the work has increased by an average of 10,000 times. Benjamin, vice president of Alipay's parent company, said that blockchain technology has emerged abroad, but in the early days of its development, Chinese companies have occupied some intellectual property rights, which will allow China's blockchain technology to be on the world stage. Play a certain influence.

Comment: When most of the eyeballs are attracted by hotspots such as e-commerce and new retail, Alibaba has already begun to study blockchain technology and occupy market share in the blockchain industry. The development of the corresponding blockchain technology by Ant Financial has reached more than 40 scenes, which has improved the efficiency of work to some extent.

Guosheng Securities: It is recommended to pay attention to the subject of digital property rights in the blockchain industry.

Yesterday, Libra White Paper, a cryptocurrency created by Facebook and 27 industry giants, was released. Guosheng Securities pointed out that the global giants are vying to lay out the blockchain, and the blockchain has entered the application era. In recent years, blockchain has become one of the most important areas for countries and giant companies. The blockchain industry is no longer an emerging field for start-up companies. On the contrary, international giants are vying to lay out blockchains. Taking the Internet and financial fields as a breakthrough, the blockchain has entered the application era. It is recommended to focus on digital property rights in the blockchain industry, including copyright transactions, digital identity (identity information, biogenetic features, etc.), supply chain finance, and edge computing. (Securities Times)

Comment: The global industry giants entering the blockchain industry will push the blockchain technology to truly reach the real application era, bringing a new round of changes to all walks of life and truly serving the social life.

LinkedIn report: The most popular new skills in Singapore over the past five years include blockchain development

The latest report released by LinkedIn on June 19th shows that the most popular new skills in Singapore over the past five years include blockchain development, workflow automation and “human-centered design” (including optimization of products and services for human users) Such as graphic design, product design and user experience). It is reported that the report surveyed 4,136 employees in the Asia-Pacific region, including 1,045 Singaporean employees. The survey included their career development and attitudes toward learning new skills. (Business Insider)

Comment: With the development of blockchain technology, more and more enterprises and institutions have begun to lay out blockchains, which has driven the demand for talents in the blockchain industry. Some survey reports indicate that the demand for talents in the domestic blockchain industry is also present. growth trend.

Second, the character, voice

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, He Hezhen: The Internet of Things is combined with the blockchain to monitor the entire circulation of food.

Today, People’s Daily published the article “Creating a Better Digital Life” by the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The article pointed out that informatization is changing people's food, clothing and housing. The rapid development of information technology has constantly changed people's lives and profoundly affected the food, clothing, housing and transportation that are closely related to people's lives. In terms of “food”, agricultural informatization can timely detect and discover soil moisture, fertility and pests and diseases, and help stabilize agricultural production and increase production; big data provides accurate market information to help farmers increase income; and Internet of Things and blockchain can monitor from farmland, The entire distribution process from the ranch to the table allows consumers to spend their money.

Comment: The advent of the digital age will greatly optimize everyone's daily life, and the people's food for the sky, the digitalization of the food field, we need to pay more attention. The integration of Internet of Things and blockchain technology can detect changes in food data in a timely manner, prevent disasters, and increase revenues.

Lu Zhiying, deputy director of Lujiazui Administration: Lujiazui Financial City will use the technology of blockchain to develop regulatory technology

On June 20th, Lujiazui Financial City, Plug and Play China, China Resources Land and Lujiazui Riverside Center developed by Shanghai Real Estate Group signed a tripartite cooperation agreement to build a Lujiazui Finance Technology Industrial Park. Lu Zhiying, deputy director of the Lujiazui Administration, said in his speech that Lujiazui Financial City will seek the support of the regulatory authorities, use blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to develop regulatory technology and promote the prevention of financial risks. Innovative development of financial business. (Xinmin Evening News)

Comment: The advancement of technology is conducive to the improvement of the quality of services and even the changes. In the field of social supervision, the use of blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to develop regulatory technology can effectively prevent financial risks and promote the positive cycle of the financial industry.

Chairman of the US House Financial Services Committee: The United States cannot let Facebook's Libra compete with the US dollar

Maxine Waters, chairman of the US House Financial Services Committee, is repeatedly calling on Facebook to suspend the development of its blockchain Libra. Waters told CNBC: "It is very important for them to stop what they are doing now, so that we can master. We must protect our consumers. We can't let them and all partners go to Switzerland and start Competing with the dollar.” Waters made it clear that she was more worried about Facebook than the encryption project announced by the company. She highlighted the US Federal Trade Commission's ongoing investigation into potential privacy violations of consumer data. She also mentioned the US Department of Housing and Urban Development accused Facebook of violating the Fair Housing Act. Waters said, “When we do this, they have started to develop this cryptocurrency. We will now take action to respond positively and quickly to the current state of this new cryptocurrency.” (CoinDesk)

Comment: The release of Libra by global social platform giant Facebook will likely affect the financial system of the whole world, cause currency shocks to countries, subvert the original monetary system, and the United States will not allow Facebook's Libra to compete with the US dollar, involving multiple interests and multi-party security. problem. Facebook's Libra release is not a future trend, and it is inconclusive.

Bank of England Governor: Distributed ledger technology project has the potential to unlock billions of pounds of capital and liquidity

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney attended the Mayor's banquet in London, saying that the distributed ledger technology (DLT) project has the potential to “unlock billions of pounds of capital and liquidity” and may one day see their close cooperation with the central bank. . In the wholesale market, Carney said, the brokerage alliance is working hard to develop a settlement system using DLT technology, which can revolutionize the way the market operates. These consortia, such as the Utility Settlement Coin, intend to issue digital tokens that are fully funded by the central bank and allow for immediate settlement. This also allows access to “token-based assets” and smart contracts. This can increase the efficiency and resiliency of operational processes, reduce counterparty risk in the system, and release billions of pounds of capital and liquidity for more productive use. (CoinDesk)

Comment: Distributed book-based technology, with its decentralized and non-tamperable features, has brought new transformations to the existing monetary system. The same value conversion of funds on the chain can unlock large amounts of capital and liquidity, but its Perhaps it is also a double-edged sword. The distributed ledger technology has double-sided financial attributes, which are easy for hackers to use for illegal gains.

Third, this week's sharing meeting review – core chain technology founder and chairman Peng Bo

The difficulty of 5G large-scale landing is to find high-value service explosion points.

The nature of the blockchain is an enabling tool, a production relationship tool, which is 0 after 1, which means that any blockchain project landing needs to have a strong industry base.

The underlying technology of the blockchain supports two legs of communication and security. Now that the communication leg is completed, the problem of safe lameness becomes more serious.

Fourth, this week's deep manuscript review

Blockchain Finance: Rewriting the history of accounting, sad "consensus"

At present, the blockchain test in the financial industry is still in its infancy. There are relatively many cases in the field of bills, and they are relatively mature. Some areas try blockchain auditing, but only in the stage of technology exploration, no effective progress has been made in other areas.

In the future, the blockchain finance industry may face intelligent automation reform. In addition to the blessing of other new technologies, there is still a sense of keeping up. To carry out reforms spontaneously, we must fully realize the benefits after the change and take the initiative to change.

Wielding fists to the old world, Facebook's ambitions and future

Libra has challenged sovereignty, and Facebook's Internet thinking is hard to work with in a highly regulated financial sector.

People who engage in IT think that finance is as simple as writing code. Facebook is going to bypass the central bank to form a global virtual central bank, which is obviously illegal.

Even if there is foresight and technology, there is still no flow. Resources are kings, this is the current pessimistic place.

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