President of the "Central Bank" in Taiwan: I don't think Libra will become legal tender

According to ETtoday news, the "Central Bank" in Taiwan held the second quarter of the Board of Supervisors on the 20th. "The central bank" president Yang Jinlong said that assuming Libra is successfully issued, it will definitely pay globally, which will involve exchange problems, compared to Bitcoin. The impact will be even greater, and the euro zone has also proposed to pay close attention to this issue, I don't think it will become legal tender. Next, we must also observe the attitudes of various countries. For example, although the president of the Bank of England is open-minded, it must have very strict supervision. In addition, the US House of Representatives also opposes that Facebook’s data that despise billions of people and its protection are not controlled. If you want to develop, you must start a public hearing before you can start to develop.