After the bitcoin skyrocketed, the market began to oscillate, and the trader’s heart began to sway.

After the bitcoin skyrocketed at the beginning of the month, there was no sudden increase and fall, but the rally also began to show signs of stopping. In the face of unpredictable markets, some people choose to bearish, and some people hold the currency, no matter how the bitcoin market has begun to oscillate.

Because of the volatility of the trading market, it is easy for people to manipulate their own chips and expect to be able to verify their market forecasts and get a sense of accomplishment.

In the blockchain industry for a long time, everyone will have their own trading strategy , but there are still not many trade-making profits. After all, it is very difficult to fully implement their trading strategies.

Investors will either change their original ideas because of higher profits , or they will have no confidence in their own strategies, fearing that they will bring losses to themselves and change their strategies.

Watching the change in the price of the currency every day will not bring more benefits to the traders in the blockchain industry, and will only make each strategy performer more skeptical. In the end, it is not the trader who can't understand the market, but the trader loses to his own swing .

Analysis of past ups and downs, you can find that the changes in the market are actually very easy to understand, but the traders always have various emotions in the case of changes in each market, and it is the weakness of human nature that leads to mistakes, and mistakes bring losses. .

The cryptocurrency trading market is very similar to the traditional trading market. The difficulty lies in the implementation and observance of some trading rules. It is difficult to comply with even the simplest low-selling and high-selling rules. When you see the opportunity and no funds, you can't help it. Cut the meat.

I don't know how many times it was. The analysis and judgment of the market trend the night before was very calm and rational, and I made a detailed trading plan. However, after only one night, the market changed and panicked and doubted himself.

Constantly staring at the market will make people nervous, will completely forget the original trading plan, forget how they should operate, and is completely driven by the fluctuation of market prices.

No matter whether the thinking or the mood changes with the change of the market price, I will look at it more and look at it in a short time, completely disregarding the original idea and frequently buy and sell in the market.

Investors who are just beginning to trade lack sufficient self-control ability to indulge in the greed of making a big fortune from market volatility in a short period of time. It can neither resist the temptation of external market fluctuations nor curb the inherent strong trading desires.

Trading rules hamper the desire for freedom in human nature , and the instinct of human nature as desired. In addition, any restraint will cause human rejection, so most traders do not welcome discipline.

Traders should be very aware of their limitations, and no one can grasp as many variables as the market. Constantly learning with humility, plus summing up and reflecting, can only gain the wealth within cognition .