Morning comment: The outbreak continues to BTC rises over 10,000 US dollars to lead the mainstream currency

In the early morning, BTC continued to take a step toward the high point, forming a new high at 9,938 US dollars. In recent days, it has continuously broken through to form a new high, and the trend has become closer to the mark of 10,000 US dollars. The recent operation of the author Chen Chuchu also tried not to let everyone open the space, giving The opinions and suggestions are all more than one. When you choose the right direction to profit, you can try to avoid all risks .

After a small breakthrough of $99,000 in the early morning, the price has been fluctuating at $9,900, and it is oppressive for $10,000. If the recent slow rise exceeds $10,000, it will easily stand at $10,000, so the bullish sentiment will also The top of 10000 points is completely ignited, and the trend is very likely to enter the big explosion stage;

On the daily chart yesterday, Yang K received yesterday's price. The price level continued to remain in the Bollinger Band. The Bollinger Band opened up and the rising space was opened, but it was still in a suppressed state, indicating that it is not easy to break through 10,000 USD. Long positions, still give the signal to keep rising, the MACD indicator runs on the 0 axis, the STOCH indicator runs on the 80 axis, the quantity can continue to increase, the long market continues to take the initiative, and the trend has a further upward pull.

We believe that today's breakthrough opportunity depends on whether the follow-up volume is completed. Whether the bulls can maintain the price above $9,800 is the most important driving force to break through $10,000. The previous day's net inflow of funds was $230 million. 700 million US dollars, such a large movement also proves that this is the determination to break through the inevitable breakthrough of 10,000 US dollars, the stage is still in a bullish trend, we continue to maintain more operations, operating recommendations 9800 US dollars to follow more straight See $10,000.

The current momentum is unresolved. If there is a large callback behavior, then the trend is bound to be disrupted. Therefore, we are now guaranteed to follow up on the premise that the trend is in an offensive posture. Once there is a sharp correction, then the trend of upswing Inevitably suffered blows, or even disappeared directly, so we try to operate in a sustainable offensive zone to ensure that we keep up with the upward rhythm.


The rise in the early morning also successfully broke through the new high, breaking through the long-lasting resistance suppression. The new rising space of the status quo has been opened, and it is likely to enter a period of sharp rise at any time. In the short term, it will continue to do bullish processing. When the trend rushes to 300 US dollars, it will easily break through the trend. Continue to maintain, if there are signs of obstruction, then the price has reached a short-term critical point, you can consider shipping out of the game, friends who have been following up in the near future also made a large profit in ETH, short-term operations continue to follow, support $ 290, $280.


The Bollinger Band of the daily line maintains condensation, and the passage gradually narrows. At present, it is also an opportunity to wait for a breakthrough. Although the performance of the drawing can be enhanced and the sentiment is strengthened, the trend has a tendency to enter into a stalemate. For the short time, consider following up. Whether it will form an outbreak after the breakthrough of 0.45 US dollars, once the outbreak can continue to hold, if the trend does not break out, then profit can leave;


After the trend correction, it is in a state of repair in the short term. The current trend is not strong, and the amount of energy is also showing signs of reduction. Therefore, the possibility of a major outbreak in the short term is not strong unless the entire mainstream currency market rises. A good rise, the current trend is only a breakthrough after the close to 140 US dollars, if it can break through the success, then the trend naturally has the possibility of returning to the upward trend, but if it continues to be blocked, then the adjustment phase will continue;


Yesterday broke through 440 US dollars, the author also mentioned that BCH is also a wave, but the sharp drop may have a second offensive, so remind you of the opportunity to enter, the friends who can grasp the small gains, Although it is no match with ETH, when the subsequent adjustment can go to 440 US dollars, the trend has once again formed a good outbreak. At present, it is in a posture of waiting to rise, and then just wait for the disk to continue to rise.


Slowly adjust and finally have a stabilizing posture of 7 dollars, but the Bollinger belt condensation is too serious. In the short-term, it will take a look at whether the big cake can be moved. At this stage, there is a small amount of heavy volume. If you can adjust slowly Upward, the trend will gradually form an uptrend and proceed to a breakout.

Mainstream currencies have also shown signs of paying off their books. Recently, the author has also made everyone pay more attention to the singles. So I often pay attention to the author of Chen Chuchu’s article. I feel that the operation is much smoother, and the whole trend is considered. At any price level, you can keep a high sensitivity to the disk surface, and the abnormality can be evacuated in time. There is no chance to harvest any reamer. The smooth operation is also an excellent experience. I believe many people are deep. Have a feeling.

However, in the course of operation, as a senior opinion of the analysis, it is recommended that everyone pay attention to controlling the position risk in the operation. Do not heavy positions. The current slow-moving market is prone to a sharp drop, so heavy positions are not a good choice. One bite, the income step by step, from 3,500 US dollars to nearly 10,000 US dollars, Chen Chuchu is to give you a safe direction of operation ideas, as well as operational recommendations for stable income, can be retired in any situation, the author Not only is a good operational analysis suggestion given, but the author is fully committed to giving everyone a financial security guarantee.