ING report: Central bank digital currency may soon enter the wholesale market

Dutch International Group (ING) released its latest report on the official website yesterday entitled "New Currency V: Central Bank Digital Currency May Enter the Wholesale Market". The report pointed out that central banks may cooperate with financial institutions to launch digital currency within five to ten years. But the main thing that feels this impact is the business. This wholesale approach may be the first step in popularizing CBDC. It is less disruptive and can make global payments cheaper, faster, and safer. The experimental w-CBDC (wholesale central bank digital currency) was aimed at cross-border from the beginning, involving multiple commercial banks and central banks, and the chances of success should be the greatest. We foresee prototype construction and testing for the next few years. Within 5-10 years, a limited number of new wholesale digital currencies may emerge, competing with existing global payment networks. The network effect of this industry is very strong, so time will tell us which plan will win.