Bystack consensus node recruitment global line (Shanghai station) opened today

Babbitt reported that on the afternoon of June 22nd, the Bystack Flint Project – Consensus Node Recruitment Global Bank (Shanghai Station) event opened in Xuhui District, Shanghai. Compared with the original chain CFO Li Zongchong, in the opening sharing, the consensus mechanism determines the speed of public chain accounting performance and the incentive mode of the public chain. The cost of the consensus mechanism is different, the cost of POW is in technology, and the cost of POS is in the system. At present, the direction of the public chain is mainly to improve scalability, improve usability and improve efficiency, including the improvement of the underlying chain and the expansion of the Layer 2 network. Compared with the original chain, the path of POW+PoS is adopted, and a main layer and two-layer network expansion architecture is adopted. Currently, the global recruitment of Bystack consensus nodes has officially opened. On July 5, the early bird vote began. On July 20th, the side chain main network was officially launched. Bystack has 10 formal consensus nodes and 32 alternative consensus nodes. In the first year, 10 million BTM incentives were provided by the original chain foundation. Bystack consensus node recruitment website: