More than the original chain CTO: "One main multi-sided architecture" is the ultimate solution for blockchain landing than the original chain Bystack

Babbitt reported that on the afternoon of June 22nd, the Bystack Flint Project – Consensus Node Recruitment Global Bank (Shanghai Station) event opened in Xuhui District, Shanghai. More than the original chain CTO Langyu in the sharing. At present, there is difficulty in the blockchain landing, and its efficiency is not as high as that of a distributed system. In essence, this is the “triangular problem” of the blockchain. Ethereum, Fabric, Polkadot, etc. are all looking for solutions, but they all have limitations. Compared with the original chain Bystack platform, the ultimate solution "one main multi-side architecture" is proposed. The main chain PoW consensus guarantees decentralization, and the side chain BBFT mechanism pursues high efficiency. The Bystack architecture has three features: First, the primary side is isolated to achieve risk isolation. Second, side isolation, side chain business, privacy, value, etc. to achieve isolation. Third, federal management, achieving compliance and custom management models.