How to successfully reach the hot spot of libra and create an atmosphere that I know very well

Give me liberty , or give me death.
Tomorrow's weekend, the holiday is finally here. After a week of busy work, are you eating and drinking with your friends, what are you doing? However, have you considered that in the process of chatting, there may be an insurmountable topic, Libra. Since the release of Libra's white paper on the 18th, this thing has been fermented for four days. Since the day of the release, this news has occupied the headlines of major commercial financial media, and this event is being discussed in many fields.

But what to do, who are busy with work (or may not want to see it), have not had time to study Libra well, and are faced with the risk of being on the stage – is it a bystander to chat, or is it to stand out in the discussion? Thinking of this, will you add a little tension to your heartstrings? But I believe that if you are good, you will definitely not be willing, and the stage of chatting needs your dominance. Just be a listener who echoes with your voice? impossible. Then, how can we successfully reach Libra's hotspots and create an atmosphere that you know very well in the current situation of various viewpoints?

First, the basics: what is it and its characteristics
To stand out from the discussion, it is necessary to lay the foundation. This means that you first need to understand what Libra is and what he is. Libra (Libra) was born on Facebook's "turbulent times", a cryptocurrency launched by Facebook. Its mission is to create a simple, borderless currency and financial infrastructure for billions of people. But Facebook doesn't own Libra, and the Libra Association really manages Libra. Instead of making a reserve in a single currency, it uses a basket of sovereign currencies as a reserve, which means that anyone holding Libra can exchange their Libra for local currency at the exchange rate. It is similar to a global currency, and it has the following salient features compared to the existing currency:

1. Without borders, is a global currency

2. The transaction speed is fast, and the transaction fee is infinitely close to zero.

Second, talk to the programmer
If you don't understand the code, after reading the white paper, you feel confused, but you have to face your programmers partner on the weekend. In this case, how can you stand out from the crowd? To defeat the programmer, use technology (blowing) to defeat him. This is a truth I have compiled. But it is not unreasonable to use the other party's professional knowledge to surrender him, is the master of the high hand, referred to as the strong middle hand. Methodology: Before starting this topic with the programmer, you must first use a question to arouse his interest, such as "Friend, do you know the Rust language?" After getting his response (in the process you can meditate, and Occasionally, to make an illusion that you know very well), he already has an illusion that you understand the program, and you continue to talk to him, "Is you running Libra's verification node? Rust wrote, Move to see No?" When the other party decided to open this statement (after all, the news was overwhelming, even the dog of the ex-girlfriend of the neighbor's son's son was posted on this LOGO), you can start to output.

Every operation in the Libra blockchain can be verified by encryption to be correct and the data is not omitted. For example, if a user queries for information in a particular executed transaction, they will be provided with encrypted evidence that the data returned to them is indeed correct. At the heart of the Libra protocol are two basic concepts – trading and status. At any point in time, the blockchain has a "state". The status (or ledger status) represents the current shape of the data on the chain. Executing a transaction changes the state of the blockchain. The Libra protocol uses the Move language for deterministic execution, and all data on the Libra chain is stored in a single versioned distributed database. The store is used to maintain the agreed transaction block and its execution results. The blockchain is represented as a growing Merkle trading tree. For each transaction executed on the blockchain, attach "leaves" to the tree and so on.

Changes in the Libra Blockchain state that occurs when a transaction is executed. Of course, in the middle of the output, you can intersperse a few small questions. For example, do you know any consensus algorithms other than POA, POS, POW, and DPOS? Do you understand Libra's proof mechanism? Wait, of course, if you can't understand these questions, then don't continue this topic, it's easy to reveal.

Third, how to talk to friends of economic and financial
Talk about currency, talk about the game between digital currency and traditional currency. I believe that after having a basic understanding of Libra, your friends in economic finance will definitely think about the game and future between Libra, the digital currency and the traditional currency, and consider the significance of Libra's existence to the financial system.

At this point, you can pretend to look at the phone inadvertently and then open the topic: "Hey, Libra is very hot recently, do you understand?" When you talk about the basics of Libra, you can start your performance again.

First of all, you'd better compare Libra and WeChat, and then pretend to say deeply: "I think Libra's appearance makes Facebook both social media and payment media, just like our WeChat. But because of Libra trading The cost is extremely low, and it makes it easy for users to buy ads for Facebook, so this may be another source of Facebook’s advertising revenue after the incident of revealing user privacy."

When your friends agree with your point of view, you can give them a lot of Facebook user groups (preferably like WeChat Alipay, so more approachable), then you can go any further, "But you guys I have thought about it. Libra is also an important means for Facebook to attract new users to use its services. By providing users with simple and low-cost cross-border money transfer services, Facebook is likely to subvert traditional banks and payments with Facebook's own large user base. Network, build a new global financial system based on digital currency. See how much Facebook's ambitions are."

I think, at this time, even if you play behind at will, your status as the king in this discussion has almost been laid.

Fourth, how to talk to friends in the currency circle
Chat with Facebook and Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a big currency. No matter what hotspots you like, you can talk to him. At this time, if you can express a certain opinion on Libra and Bitcoin, in the current situation of black bitcoin, I believe that Friends of your currency will treat you as a confidant.

At the beginning of the discussion, you can make a little preparation, or you can directly throw your opinion directly: "As an Internet giant, Facebook's participation has great significance for bringing cryptocurrencies into the mainstream society. This may be the mainstream company entering encryption. The most far-reaching attempt in the currency field."

I think that your sudden and deep words will make your friends confused, but it also means that you first seized the commanding heights of this discussion. But I believe that friends in your currency circle are already very familiar with this matter, so they will get to your point immediately after a while. Next, they will suddenly realize: "Ah, are you talking about Libra?" Just like this, the topic is open, and then you can continue to elaborate on your point of view: "In my opinion, Facebook joins, for Improving the public's awareness of the encryption industry has greatly promoted."

When your friend agrees, you can throw a deeper sentence to him: "Libra may not be the Pareto optimal solution, but it will lead people to the blockchain." At this time, although you still On a topic, but your friend may not understand what is called Pareto optimal solution, which is another small stage for you to perform.

So, next, you just have to mention a little bit about your point of view: Libra's existence will not only bring more attention to the encryption industry, but also bring certain funds and resources, and may even be misunderstood by many outsiders. The industry has a chance to make a name, so this is a big plus for the encryption industry. If you don't think it's enough, you can also mention that this is not necessarily good news for other stable coins in the currency circle.

I think your friend may be rushing to pay the bill.

5. How to talk to a legal friend?
Talk about supervision and talk about law. You can start talking about Libra in a bland and then tell him: "In fact, after the release of the white paper on the 18th, the regulator responded. The G7 also said that they will set up a high-level forum to study such currency pairs. The risk of the system. On the 20th, the Fed chairman responded that Facebook stabilized coins will face high regulatory requirements, but do not worry that we affect monetary policy." At this time, your friend may start to discuss legal and regulatory issues with you. Don't panic. It doesn't matter if you can't plug in your mouth. Remember to stay elegant and occasionally repeat what he meant to give him the illusion that you know very well.

Then, you can also discuss the overall problem: "Libra's borderless decision determines that it is difficult to supervise. You may feel that it is cool to hook a basket of legal coins, but it also means that to be applied, it first needs to get the countries. The law allows, this is very troublesome, because the regulatory laws of different countries are different, so the application will be very long. Moreover, if the government regards Libra as a subversive of its fiscal policy, Libra's future will be even more uncertain. ”

If you feel that you are on this topic, you can't talk to your friends, don't be afraid, you can pick out the above points and subdue him in areas he doesn't understand.

6. With sociology, how do friends in the Internet industry talk?
Chat and reduce the impact. Before this topic begins, you need to reach a consensus that since the currency appeared, it has always had both economic and political functions. And, you need to know (if you don't know that science must be given to him), Facebook's project, participants include Paypal, Stripe, Visa and other payment companies, as well as the taxi software Uber and Lyft, e-commerce sites eBay and Farfetch. In the blockchain world, Coinbase, the largest US compliance exchange, and Xapo, the bitcoin wallet, have also joined. According to the white paper, Libra's future partners will be added to 100. These companies are mostly affiliated with the United States, which means that users are mostly Americans, which means that the US dollar plays an important role in it.

Then, you can discuss with him the problem of Libra's extremely low fee, and explore the impact of this on China's domestic, similar to Alipay, WeChat and other payment methods.

Then you can discuss with him the issue of digital currency hegemony. You can mention: "The change in payment model is not terrible. The key is that China's domestic e-commerce traffic, profit, will have a great impact, and may even lose digital currency. Sovereignty, this is more terrible. So, it is very important for us to do something like BAT and other giants."

Then, you can divergent thinking and think about how to deal with Facebook's dimensionality reduction.

Finally, you can ask your friend: “Do you think Libra will become the new US digital currency hegemony?” or “Do you think it will become an extension of US dollar credit?” Even, “Will it be a weak country? The monetary sovereignty will be replaced by this?" I believe that there must be a friend who can ask you in these questions, and you only need to prepare for these questions to achieve an overwhelming victory.

Of course, at the end, you still need to pretend to say something about his deficiencies. I believe that with these methods, your weekend will be very enjoyable. If it doesn't work, you can leave a message to diss, or give me some advice. I am particularly eager to learn, and the next methodology will definitely become excellent.