Korean government agencies select 12 blockchain public demonstration projects for 2019

According to the official announcement of the Korea Internet Promotion Agency (KISA), it is using blockchain technology to innovate in public services, and has selected 12 public block demonstration projects for the year of 2019. In addition, a total of 32 companies were selected as the companies to implement these 12 topics. It is worth mentioning that KISA and the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Information Technology of Korea have expanded the support for the public demonstration of the blockchain from six projects (4 billion won) in 2018 to 12 projects (8.5 billion won) in 2019. In addition, the KISA Network Service Support Minister stated that blockchain technology is now in the formal application phase, and that the blockchain demonstration business can complement the limitations of existing ICT technologies and apply multiple fusion technologies to areas closely related to real life.