Bitcoin once again rushed for 10,000 US dollars a year, chasing high or clearing?


After a year, Bitcoin finally returned to five digits, with a new high approaching $11,000. Basically, it is certain that this pull-up has already boosted the enthusiasm of funds on and off the market, and the bulls will be activated again.

The mainstream currency will be performed again under the rotation of funds. The strongest ETH, the most space-based BCH, and the best LTC marketing atmosphere will generate many opportunities.


Although there are differences in the trends of different financial markets, the overall situation is inseparable. The trend of the Shanghai Composite Index and Bitcoin is basically linked, and the volatility is different, but the trend is almost the same.

The economic base determines the superstructure, and there is a relaxed economic environment to invest in idle money. This is also the direct reason for promoting financial market volatility. If you have money, the price of the K line will fluctuate. The economy is not good. The hot money will fall back to the K line, and the hot money will flood into the K line. In fact, there is no complicated theory, that is, the fluctuation of supply and demand.

However, my core view remains the same: the credibility collapse of the French currency, the exchange rate competition between countries, will lead to large fluctuations in global asset prices, and the influx of safe-haven funds will once again push the price of bitcoin to skyrocket. The arrival of the bitcoin big bull market will create an independent market for the cryptocurrency market. The influence of the underlying technology of the blockchain will be reopened, and we will enter a trusting society of conscious consensus. This road will be raging, real and false, like the Internet revolution twenty years ago.

Faith must be there, and long-term holding is greater than short-term difference. In this market, making money often requires only one belief.

Market analysis

The following analysis data are from Huobi

Bitcoin BTC:

Bitcoin hit a new high, consistent with the forecast of the previous few days.

At present, the high point is close to 11,000 US dollars, and the weekly K form has been accelerated by the Yangyang line Yangxian, and the daily K vertical acceleration, the individual does not recommend chasing the high, more than one can take profit, wait and see.

As for the overall logic, it is still unchanged. The amount of funds that promotes the rise of Bitcoin is very large, which is driven by some local reasons. From 7500 dollars to 11,000 dollars, close to 40 points, almost small steps continue to rise, while the amount can be stable, long-term can continue to be bullish. However, after continuous pull-up, technically it does not support everyone to chase up, the spot can withstand long-term, the futures take profit, and have the ability to make short-term differences. Wait for the next round of consolidation and plan again.

In addition, Bitcoin has driven the enthusiasm of the market, and many mainstream currencies will have a good performance and pay more attention.

Litecoin LTC:

The long-term trend has been very stable. Considering that Litecoin has been building momentum recently, there is still a big Yangxian line to look forward to in the later period.

Continue to hold long-term, long-term target of 200 US dollars. The big Yang line has not come yet, and the bulls will not end in this form. Short-term attention to futures risks, if the short-term adjustment of bitcoin, the market will be appropriately adjusted in a narrow range. On the four-hour K-line, the long-term basic power storage is completed, and the high jump can be brewed.

Ethereum ETH:

I have been emphasizing Ethereum before, after a long period of finishing, the bulls are ready to go.

At present, the shape of the duck head has come out, and it broke through the first target of 300 US dollars that was said the day before yesterday. The market space opened and continued to be bullish.

Callbacks are all buying opportunities.

Grapefruit EOS:

The shape of the head and shoulders was broken, and it is estimated that many shorts were buried on the battlefield.

Similar to the Litecoin, the long-term bullish posture remains unchanged, and the buying power has been strong and can continue to be bullish.

The day before yesterday, it was emphasized that the price of 6.8 US dollars was higher in the spot price. At present, it is close to ten points, and it is gradually consolidating upwards.


Bitcoin Cash BCH:

Very good-looking bullish form, if the breakthrough in the 450 US dollars, will bring a new high to form a new level. With reference to Ethereum, the shape of the duck head has also been formed, and the storage capacity is very sufficient. Waiting for the return of Bitcoin funds, a new wave of epic quotes can be brewed.

Bitcoin cash is worth looking forward to. At present, the BCH/BTC exchange rate has dropped back to the platform level half a year ago. At the bottom position, the main force will act in a timely manner to lead the long market.

Platform currency HT, OKB, BNB:

Having said a few times, the platform currency is a first-class wealth management product, which is very stable. Both HT and BNB are at a new high. Although OKB is weak, it is also acting on the platform and traveling at the wrong peak.

Everyone should continue to learn in the operation and improve their cognitive ability and feeling ability on the disk. Pay more attention to investment risks, properly participate in transactions within your controllable scope, and be responsible for your own transactions.

I will talk about it today, we will see you tomorrow~!