Analysis: Ethereum's 50MA and 100MA first appear bullish cross signal in two years

According to CoinDesk, ETH today broke through the $300 integer mark, up to 308.88 US dollars, and temporarily reported 306 US dollars, hitting a new high on August 19 last year. ETH has risen more than 270% compared to last December's low ($82). But it is 78% lower than the highest point in history (the highest price of ETH in January 2018 was $1431). In the 3-day K-line chart, the 50MA and 100MA first appeared bullish cross signals in two years. It is worth noting that in March 2017, ETH's 50MA and 100MA showed a bullish cross signal and confirmed it in May 2017. After that, the ETH price rose by more than 900% in three months. If you refer to historical rules, then ETH will test the April 2018 low ($364) in the next few months, and the resistance will be $401 after breaking the position.