Cosmos exposes a high-risk vulnerability and will perform a hard fork upgrade at block height 482100

Cosmos exposes a high-risk vulnerability and will perform a hard fork upgrade at block height 482100

Today, a user @Jessysaurusrex said in an official Cosmos forum that two days ago, an important security hole in the CosmosSDK was reported to the Tendermint team via She also said that CosmosSDK v0.34.6 (released) will add a patch for this vulnerability and will provide technical details about the vulnerability within 7-10 business days so that there is a reasonable time to harden the network. system. In response to this problem, we are currently coordinating a hard fork to upgrade the Cosmos main network, and we are in contact with network validators to ensure they can respond during network forks at block height 482100. . As of now, the hard fork proposal has been unanimously approved.

Cosmos exposes a high-risk vulnerability and will perform a hard fork upgrade at block height 482100

If you are a full-service provider for Cosmos, we recommend that you upgrade to the latest and most secure version of CosmosSDK immediately.

Due to the severity of this issue, we have provided early notifications to organizations that may be affected so that when the 0.34.6 version of CosmosSDK is available (currently released), the system can be prepared for the upgrade.

However, it should be noted that the official team stated that the vulnerability could not be used to generate new ATOM tokens, nor could it be used to steal other people's ATOM tokens.

Since then, Cosmos core developer Sunny Aggarwal has issued a statement stating that we have created a proposal on Cosmos Hub to signal when the validator successfully upgrades the node to determine if the network is ready to accept the hard fork.

"As the user @Jessysaurusrex described on the Cosmos forum, All in Bits has learned that Cosmos Hub's code inventory is in a critical security hole. We think this problem is very serious and it seems that this vulnerability can be exploited to reduce the blockchain. The security model of the PoS system. This vulnerability does not cause ATOM to be stolen or generate ATOM out of thin air. All in Bits has released a source code patch, Gaia v0.34.6, which closes the available code path starting at block height 482100.

The Git hash we recommend for upgrade is: 80234baf91a15dd9a7df8dca38677b66b8d148c1. As a POS network, we have mortgaged the legality of this bug and patch, and encouraged others who are familiar with the report to do the same. If the revealed bug proves to be fabricated or to some extent malicious, we urge the Cosmos Hub Governing Body to cut these ATOMs by voting for the proposal.

We encourage the validator and all users to upgrade their nodes to Gaia v0.34.6 before block 482100. We request the verifier to vote for the hard fork proposal after upgrading the node to v0.34.6 to indicate that the network is ready for upgrade. ”

So far, all the verifiers who participated in the signal voting have indicated that they are ready for a hard fork (100%) and the proposal has been approved.

Cosmos exposes a high-risk vulnerability and will perform a hard fork upgrade at block height 482100

Source: Babbitt Information

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