Former senior CFPB official in the United States: The new FATF regulation is the embodiment of the US will and interests

In response to the FATF's new guide on digital currency assets announced this morning, Coin World interviewed Quan Dan, a former senior official of the US Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPB). He said that although this guidance document has no formal legal binding force, its influence is unquestionable; especially now the United States is the President of the FATF, which itself indicates the attitude and policy of the US Treasury against money laundering. The embodiment of will and interest. Asked if the move can be interpreted as a means of maintaining US dollar hegemony, Quan Dan said that this is worth exploring, but it is not appropriate to define it directly. He is more inclined to think that this is the embodiment of the will and interests of most governments. After all, there is no government. Willing to see digital currency instead of legal currency. But as far as the new FATF regulations are concerned, more consideration is still anti-money laundering.