Bitcoin is back to 10,000 US dollars, and some people earn 500% in half a year. Some people wait and see when to enter.

"BTC returns to $10,000 again!"


"Wake up, surprise!"

On June 22, according to QKL123 data, bitcoin prices finally broke through the $10,000 mark.

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Since the last time Bitcoin stood 10,000 US dollars on March 8, 2018, it has started the overall downward trend. The lowest price fell to around 3,000 US dollars in December 2018, and investors ushered in the dark moment. After 471 days of Bitcoin, it returned to the $10,000 mark. Investors rushed to celebrate in the circle of friends and WeChat.

This market is very good, I have a good meal today.

Bitcoin broke through 10,000 US dollars in the expectation. In the face of the sudden skyrocketing of Bitcoin, a netizen who has been sorrowful for more than a year can't help but say in his circle of friends. "This is a good market, and it is good today."

"I opened a lot last night and earned 80 points." Some investors who made futures in last night were happy to be in the group.

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(screenshot of the income of three investors)

Compared to this temporary short-term operation, some of the foreseeable futures squatting cars have already arrived in the morning, and the earned pots are full. There are also many investors who put all their net worth in the last month, leaving only the food to eat, presumably happy at this time.

Sun income bills are the simplest and most rude form of celebration. Most investors who stay up late to watch the market choose to send a bitmap of the bitcoin in the circle of friends to celebrate.

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"10 years, 200 billion US dollars market value… miracle"

“It’s a good feeling that Bitcoin has become a new investment tool, a cross-level tool, a tool for pursuing freedom and resisting xx.”

"Maybe a new era is really coming"

More investors have adapted the exhilarating moon-moon speeches of former US President Kennedy in 1962 to show their belief in Bitcoin. (Original: We choose to go to the moon not because it easy but because they are hard.)

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"The chicken blood is full, as if everyone has a lot of bitcoin." In the face of such a grand occasion, the tone of individual investors is sour.

If you are not in the car, you can imagine the feeling of going empty:

"The rise is so fierce, no chance to add a position."

"I didn't dare to buy it six months ago. I can't afford it now."

"I actually bought the gold index during this time but didn't choose bitcoin. I really have a reverse indicator."

A book-savvy investor faces the bull-ridden train and quotes Zhu Ziqing's famous quote as self-deprecating. "But the excitement is theirs, I have nothing."

Why is it rising?

For bitcoin, everyone in the currency circle has a consistent consensus. The five major factors listed by cryptocurrency analyst Joseph Young can be summarized as follows: 1. Bakkt (coming soon); 2. 10,000 USD FOMO level is broken; 3. Block reward is halved; 4. Organizational demand Significant rise; 5. Hash rate increase, developer activity.

Although the above factors have pushed Bitcoin back again, the question is when the big bull market will be ushered in, and no one can predict it. Just like today's trend, it is beyond the expectations of many people. Because in the eyes of many people, the guidance issued by the Anti-Money Laundering Financial Action Task Force (FATF) on June 21 became the sword of Damocles hanging on the way of bitcoin's rise. Bitcoin is likely to usher in once. Great.

According to Eric Turner, research director at cryptographic research firm Messari Inc., this depends to a large extent on how national regulators will interpret and apply long-standing rules governing traditional bank wire transfers, but these rules are by far the biggest threat to the encryption industry. One, "The FATF's recommendations may be much larger than the impact of the US SEC or any other regulatory agency to date."

On June 22nd, the FTAF official website officially released the "Guidelines for a Risk-Based Approach to Virtual Assets and Virtual Asset Service Providers", requiring countries to evaluate and To mitigate the risks associated with virtual assets, financial activities and providers, virtual asset service providers (VASPs) such as cryptocurrency exchanges must share customer information about the transfer funds with the government.

In this regard, well-known blockchain expert Hong Yuning commented that "the FATF's regulatory recommendations on VASP are completely unexpected, rigid and lacking in enforceability. The impact on the market can be referred to the 2017 market in 2017, and the effect will be weaker. ”

Surprisingly, this bitcoin does not fall and rises after a document that many people expect to be bad.

The voice just fell, the price of BTC broke.

Bitgloba-CEO jack hu, who is engaged in quantitative trading, told Babbitt that there are two main points in this round:

First: all kinds of positives, especially Facebook's stability currency admission, that is, it can be predicted that digital currency has entered a era of 2.7 billion users, and now a large number of coins are the best choice.

Second: Many people in this round have got off the train, which means that many people have no goods in their hands, but in the hands of the goods, the goods are in a lot of new, very optimistic, will not easily get off the body In your hand, you should easily get them off the car, unless you are coming to a waist, or they will not get off.

Going on or off?

"Celebrate Bitcoin to break the 10,000, and the chasing army should start to enter the market to sweep the goods."

"Visual inspection and a new wave of leeks to enter the market."

"You can't buy Bitcoin below 10,000 knives, a new starting point for the bull market."

"Bitcoin has already passed 10,000 US dollars, and once again appealed to the students after 80s and 90s, it is best to pick up 1 bitcoin, and then do not mention this thing within 10 years!"

Picture 5

Since the launch of Bitcoin from $3,000 at the end of last year, there has been no major correction.

Today, Bitcoin officially stood at $10,000. For investors who didn't get on the train in time, FOMO has already arrived. In other words, investors who have been waiting on the side will be missed because they are afraid to look at it again, and they have to join the money-buying army.

Picture 6

(An investment exchange group shows that FOMO emotions are beginning to spread)

Babbitt has observed the dialogue of group friends from a number of investment exchange groups, which basically confirms this:

Picture 7

"It’s time for the full-scale leverage to go long," an investor finally screamed in the group.

Some retail investors in the early morning car have already had a floating profit, and there are differences in the next operation.

In order to avoid risks, part of it began to think about when to fall into the bag.

Picture 8

The other part can't make up his mind and ask the group owner for advice: "It's too fast! Run the road, the owner?"

"There is no chance after running." Without waiting for the group owner to open, another group of friends persuaded the unwilling investor.

For professional investors, the next operational advice is still following the trend.

Bitgloba -CEO jack hu told Babbitt that since the establishment of the spot warehouse in December 2018, it has been held until now, and on June 19th all Ltc was replaced by btc and eth. At present, the overall income has reached 495%.

"This round of rising can follow the trend. Before there is no obvious change trend, do not get off, to the moon."

Li Zhe, managing director of Clipper Coin Capital, told Babbitt, “The retail investors will continue to hold, and it is good to follow the market.”

“After 20,000 knives, the bull market is open, and how many people can't afford a bitcoin in their lifetime.”

At this time, a sigh suddenly appeared in a communication group.

Note: The investment/machine is risky. The above content is derived from the objective reflection of investors and does not constitute investment advice.