A BTC buys tickets, the participation of the high net worth group "logical"

On the afternoon of January 4, 2019, Ba Lei CEO Wang Lei stood in front of a large screen that read "Forensics 2019· Blockchain Value List", facing the crowds in the small venue. The opening speech said: "In the next ten years, I believe that entrepreneurs who stick to their values ​​will surely welcome their own high-light moments. I believe that even if you drink ice for ten years, it will still be difficult to cool!" Laughing applause. Encrypted Zhang sat behind the founder of Babbitt. He felt a bloody body, as if he was with the entrepreneurs around him, and this era has produced a wonderful resonance, a kind of stepping on the tide of the times. feel. "Very good." Encrypted Zhang said. In order to get this SVIP ticket, he spent 38,888 yuan. What is the participation logic of the encrypted sheet? For more information, please see: https://www.8btc.com/article/387865