BB: Supporting voters to rebate BP bids can reduce network costs

According to Whale Ex, community member Tanish Verma tweeted @BB, do you know that there is a public purchase of votes on the EOS main network? Is B1 willing to make any suggestions for improvement in the agreement? BB replied that I have always supported voter rebates because it allows BP to bid, thus reducing the cost of the network. Regardless of who voters vote for, EOS smart contracts will rebate the voters, truly fair, transparent, efficient and competitive. Later, members rebutted. If we adopt the voter rebate model, we actually return to the BTC governance model, and the decision will be made only according to the interests, not for the benefit of the EOS ecosystem. In this regard, BB said that a good BP will still win without any incentives, because he will not let voters vote for a BP without rebates. Politicians can still win the election by raising tax policies. The value people want can be achieved in a variety of ways.