Bitland's 50T new mining machine is coming, I heard that it is a lot cheaper than S15.

On April 8, Bitcoin announced the parameters of the ant mining machine S17 and S17Pro. The two mining machines were equipped with the second generation self-developing 7nm chip BM1397 in February this year. To sum up, compared to the previous generation of mining machine ants S15, the energy efficiency ratio of the two new machines has been reduced by 26% – 36% (the lower the energy efficiency ratio of the mining machine, the better the performance), but the price has not yet been announced.

Some insiders told the Odaily Planet Daily that the price of the S17 (Pro) was “more than 200 per T”. Compared with the new price of S15 per T over 400 yuan, it seems to be a lot cheaper. . The Odaily Planet Daily has verified this with BitChina. The response stated that “S17(Pro) will be officially launched at 2 pm on April 9th. The specific price is subject to the official website price.”

(Ant mining machine S17 Pro, picture source: Bit Continental)

The S17 is available in both 56T and 53T versions and supports both standard mode and low power modes. In standard mode, the power of S17 is 56T and the energy efficiency ratio is 45J/T. In low power mode, the energy efficiency ratio of S17 is 42 J/T.

Available in both 53T and 50T versions, the S17 Pro supports standard, low power and high performance mining modes. In the standard mode, the S17 Pro's computing power is 53 TH/s, 50 TH/s, and the energy efficiency ratio is 39.5 J/T. The low-power mode is suitable for miners with high energy-saving requirements, with an energy efficiency ratio as low as 36 J/T.

In September last year, Bitcoin released a 7nm chip with an energy efficiency ratio of 42J/T. By November, Bitcoin announced the S15 (energy efficiency ratio of 57 J/T) / T15 miner equipped with a 7nm chip. This is the predecessor of the BM1397 and S17 (Pro).

From the performance parameters, the BM1397 is about 28.6% more energy efficient than the previous generation chip, and the S17 (Pro) is 26% – 36% more energy efficient than the S15.

Bitcoin said that the BM1397 has improved in circuit structure and low-power technology compared to the first-generation 7nm chip, and the S17 Pro performance has been improved. In addition, the S17 Pro uses a new cooling technology and a global optimization customization solution (ie, through the enhancement of the core part while taking into account the optimization of other modules to achieve global optimization).

From the whole machine, compared with the previous generation, the S17 Pro fuselage continues the S15 double-tube fan design, the wind speed is shortened by half, the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the mining machine becomes smaller, and the machine performance is improved. In addition, the S17 Pro uses a new high-power power supply to better ensure the stability of the mining machine.

The performance of the new machine is improved, so what about the price?

Previously, the official website price of the S15 (28T) new machine was 11,600 yuan, that is, the price per T was over 400 yuan. Of course, the purchase price through the dealer would be lower. The current S15 official website price is 7,630 yuan, but the display is sold out.

The price of S17 (Pro) has not been announced, but according to industry sources, the price of S17 (Pro) is "more than 200 per T", compared to the new price of S15 per T over 400 yuan, it seems to be cheap. Quite a lot. The Odaily Planet Daily has verified this with BitChina. The response stated that "the specific price is subject to the official website price."

Finally, I posted an interview with Yang Xin, the former head of the Bitai mainland product , in the previous Odaily Planet Daily. He talked about the improvement and advantages of S17 (Pro).

The following is an interview record, enjoy:

Odaily Planet Daily: How long have you been to Bitland, and what are you responsible for now?

Yang Xin: It’s almost three years. I was the first to be responsible for embedded software work in Bitland. Later, he gradually participated in the development of the software of the mining machine and the entire product, and finally was responsible for all product delivery. From the earliest chip definitions to chip design, verification, manufacturing, certification, and even customer support, I am responsible for the entire process. (Note: Embedded software is the operating system and software embedded in the hardware)

Odaily Planet Daily: What are the characteristics and advantages of S17?

Yang Xin: First, the energy efficiency ratio is low. Now, for Bitcoin, the proportion of electricity bills is already high. Therefore, this sharp drop in energy efficiency ratio means a significant drop in costs, and the cost reduction is a profit.

Second, the performance is strong. Regardless of the energy efficiency ratio or the unit volume of the calculation, the new machine has been greatly improved, which is very important for people who invest heavily in the mine. The calculation of unit volume means that some mining machines can do a lot of calculation, but the bulk of the same as the refrigerator, purely two piles for one, then its calculation capacity is not as good as S17.

Odaily Planet Daily: It is based on the S15 series to optimize, is it based on the S15 to iterate?

Yang Xin: As a second-generation 7nm chip, it is obviously a new iteration. There is still a generation difference (which can be understood as a qualitative leap), not a simple optimization.

Odaily Planet Daily: How long is the S17 series development cycle?

Yang Xin: This is hard to say. Because many of our R&D is rolling research and development, because the technology is a combination of more than a dozen technologies, some of them need to be invested very early and some need to take some time to develop later, some problems even need We must solve it within ten days.

Odaily Planet Daily: The most mainstream on the market today is the cost-effective S9. Will there be not many people buying S17?

Yang Xin: No. In 2016, or last year, buying S9 is definitely the most cost-effective; now it is definitely worth buying new ones. It is indeed faster to make money.

(Source: Planet Daily)

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