Babbitt column 丨 Facebook's ambition

After reading the Libra technical documentation, it feels more like an RFC document. Maybe some friends don't know what RFC means. The Chinese meaning of RFC is "request for comment." For example, before the standard of the Internet is released, all the contents of the standard will be disclosed, and people from all over the world will be asked to make comments, and then they will be revised and improved, and finally drafts will be formed, and finally standards will be formed.

Facebook's intentions are embedded in this technical document, and I clearly feel that Facebook wants to form a blockchain-based payment standard. This goal is quite challenging and tempting.

First of all, we want a question, who can make payment standards?

I think it must be a company with social attributes, because payment is essentially a connection between people and people. If there is no resource for people and people to connect with, the payment can be done, but who will use it?

So think about your fingers, only companies like Facebook, Ali, Tencent, Twitter, etc. with social attributes can do it.

Because of the restriction of currency transactions on the blockchain, Ali Tencent is missing the payment standard on the blockchain. And just as Facebook has been peeked at the coveted payment business for a long time, how to enter this field is challenging and dangerous. But Facebook doesn't have a hard battle. The overlord will only kill 500 people and damage 3000, so be sure to take a detour.

How can you get into the payment field and get on the top spot? It seems impossible.

However, Facebook's strategy has been done, and the minimum route is very reasonable and scientific.

Let us talk about the reasons for its rationality.

First of all, the blockchain also belongs to a primitive area. New things, like a newly opened bar, come with new faces, so there is no boss, no circles, no land fees, no customers. .

In addition, at present, the blockchains are all mixed with newborn calves, all of which are white papers that don't work, and the wind blows, so these people are the best to deal with. You only need a little bit of technology, and it immediately appears, not to mention the powerful team of Facebook.

In addition, foreign mobile payments are not developed. If you want to engage in mobile payments, you must hang up with the bank. And the foundation of the bank is so deep, it is better to go to the unmanned mine to go to the gold mining.

Since the digital currency on the blockchain has been in development for 10 years, the technical reserve has already begun to take shape, and now is a good time to enter.

If you want to do the blockchain ecology, you must use virtual currency as the basis, otherwise it will be empty talk. The issue of digital currency must have strong enough popularity. Facebook is the boss of the social world, and this aspect is invincible.

Therefore, Facebook issued digital currency through the blockchain, bypassing the bank and bypassing the country. In contrast, Ali and Tencent are much worse. The bank is a pain in their hearts and is limited in steps. Moreover, Facebook has opened the door to payment through the issue of digital currency, which makes it hard to get the golden key. But don't forget that Facebook ambition is the standard for payment on the blockchain. Just like TCP/IP formed the standard of the Internet. Facebook's Libra is like an Android operating system, open, and everyone can do secondary development on it.

It seems that the operating system on the blockchain is really coming.