The Xiong'an New District Commission for Discipline Inspection has urged relevant departments of the New District to make full use of big data and blockchain technology.

According to the official website of the Hebei Provincial Supervision Commission, this year, the Xiong'an New District Disciplinary Work Committee is based on the large-scale development and construction of the new district and the actual start of the demolition and demolition, and conducts a clean government talks with the resettlement service agencies and staff, and urges the relevant departments of the new district to fully Using the big data and blockchain technology, the digital management platform for resettlement and resettlement will be set up, and the whole process of tracking and supervision will be implemented. The digital management of the whole process of resettlement and resettlement will be realized, and the compensation and resettlement will be automatically generated, and the compensation fund will be directly allocated by one button.