Xiao Lei: The initial allocation of Bitcoin has been basically completed, and it is time for ordinary investors to calculate the cost and benefit.

On June 22nd, Xiao Lei issued a message on the WeChat public account. In fact, regarding the issue of Facebook currency, the future may continue to be discussed. The real meaning is not that there is a huge competitor in the currency circle, but Zuckerberg. Use action to verify human new monetary theory. From barter to metal coins, from metal coins to banknotes, from paper money to digital currency, the wheels of history are rolling. The initial allocation of Bitcoin is extremely unfair. If you were involved in Bitcoin mining before 2011, you only need one computer and dig a few hours a day. You are now a billionaire. The initial allocation of Bitcoin has been almost completed. Don't look at bitcoin prices have risen a lot recently, or everyone is starting to speculate on this market, but it is not so easy to make money in this market. Every time you earn a dollar, you may have to pay more than one dollar. The cost is much higher. In this context, the speed of action, and the size of the courage, it seems that the future benefits are no longer linked. Everyone is fighting for capital. For ordinary investors, it is time to calculate the cost-benefit.