Early comments: BTC broke the million yuan shock adjustment, BCH led the show to lead the mainstream currency


In the early morning, BTC entered the callback trend, and the trend was adjusted downwards. From 11,000 USD to 10,500 USD, the current trend is still continuing . The trend is also analyzed by the author yesterday, and it has entered the downward trend of the shock.

On the daily chart, BTC yesterday's Yang K has formed a three-up trend. Under such a strong trend, today's trend is in a callback posture. The Bollinger Band is moving upwards and the price has been adjusted to the Bollinger Band. In the upper track range, there is a tendency to be further suppressed.

The moving averages are arranged in a long position, giving a multi-head signal. The MACD indicator runs above the 0-axis and continues to maintain a heavy-duty attitude. The STOCH indicator forms a dead fork at the 80-level line. The short-headed regulators are bullish, so today's trend will form a turbulent trend. .

If the price falls below $10,400 during the callback process, the trend will be further tested downwards. It is likely that there will be a deeper correction. If the decline stops at $10,400, the trend will enter a rebound phase. Therefore, the operation proposal will be short-term at $10,400. If you have a stable position, you will leave the market after rebounding to around $10,800. If you break below $10,400 and hit the stop-loss point, you will be ready to take over at $10,000. Just fine.


After yesterday's strong rise was blocked, it immediately entered the callback stage, but the current trend is still at 300 US dollars, retaining the attitude of the upside, the price is also above the upper level of the Bollinger Band on the daily level, the follow-up is still possible, short-term The internal adjustment is the main one, and the price will remain at $300.

Operational advice can follow up to $310 in the vicinity of $300, and short-selling after the proceeds .


Yesterday's trend showed an outburst. The author gave a rise in the performance, and also gave a resistance of 0.5 US dollars. Today, it is also a callback of 0.5 US dollars. The friends who follow the empty orders are also earning profits.

At this stage, although it is still in a correction trend, the upward trend has not been eliminated. Once the follow-up rebound process breaks through 0.5 US dollars, the upward trend will be strengthened. The operational recommendations are low and low, supporting 0.46 US dollars and resistance 0.5 US dollars.


Keeping the original trend, the price is suppressed, but it also suffers from the support of 140 US dollars, forming a narrow range of volatility, not subject to market disruption, the follow-up trend will continue to remain within the range of shocks, once the interval is broken, the trend is formed Just follow the trend and follow up.

Operation strategy: the income is too small to wait and see, but also can be placed in the vicinity of 140 US dollars, pending the breakthrough opportunity.


At this stage, there is a strong trend, but it has been affected by the turbulent trend. The breakthrough has not been enhanced. Yesterday's breakthrough attitude is good. Today, we will keep up the trend. We can continue to follow up. Once we break through 7.5 USD, the trend will be further improved. Strengthen, operate more than single.


Yesterday, it was pointed out that the BCH outbreak will come soon, and detailed analysis instructions are given. The friends who follow the suggestions to follow up are once again full of profits. At this stage, they have penetrated the pressure of 500 dollars and have a strong upward trend. Trends, the trend will also continue to fluctuate upwards, slowly rising to 500 US dollars, and then form a trend of rising again.

The operation proposal is mostly single , grasping the opportunity, each currency has its best income stage, once it can be successfully grasped, the income is naturally very considerable.

Today's mainstream currency market trend is seriously divided. BCH is the only one to lead the rise of mainstream currency. The pie continues to maintain the turbulent adjustment stage. At present, the overall trend is still in an upswing stage. Once the next trend can slowly form a high point toward the top, then it is very There will be a temptation to break through, so focus on the breakout trend near the resistance point.

Once a successful breakthrough, the trend will continue to charge upwards; good operating habits always inadvertently benefit us, better entry timing, excellent stop loss points, thus maximizing the benefits, and receiving the least loss of space, It always gives us surprises. In the long run, not only will the operation be smoother, but the income will be more and more, and it will become the ultimate beneficiary.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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