GXChain landed on Amazon AWS, 5 million + US dollar repurchase program, the third repurchase opened today

Today, GXChain's mirror node service officially logs in and runs on the world's largest cloud computing platform, Amazon Cloud Services (AWS). AWS's thousands of enterprise users will be able to easily understand and access the GXChain network, deploy GXChain nodes with one click, and quickly launch GXChain-based blockchain systems. At the same time, the GXChain core team launched the third round of repurchase in the 5 million+ dollar repurchase program today, and the repurchase amount continues to double to $1 million, which will be completed within 2 days. The follow-up 65% has not been repurchased, and the GXC in the secondary market repurchase will be aggregated to the public address for community supervision. At present, GXC's global average price is 2.84 US dollars, with a 24-hour increase of 26.54%.