Market Analysis: Bitcoin starts to oscillate, funds back to the altcoin

After Bitcoin broke through 10,000 US dollars in one fell swoop, it started to oscillate. In the next few days, the probability will continue to fluctuate, and then the reaction of the market begins to choose the direction.

The funds began to flow back, and the mainstream currency and the altcoin coins all gained good gains. The BCH performance was exceptionally strong, and the callback that should have arrived was postponed, so it is predicted that there will be a callback tomorrow.

From the medium and long-term trend, the trend is getting stronger and stronger, and it is expected to continue to rise. However, when the so-called prosperity and decline, both the volume of transactions and the K-line have experienced sharp increases, it often means that the trend of the market will be polarized.

If the weekly line cannot continue to extend the rally, then there will be a deep correction next week. Therefore, we will focus on the trend in the second half of the week and be alert to the retaliatory counterattack of the Air Force.

Regarding mainstream currencies, most of them have hit a new high, but Liteco has not hit a new high, indicating that many profitable investors are starting to sell in anticipation of the approach. I predict that if there is a market, the Litecoin will be The most volatile currency is called back; the other one that has not broken the previous high is EOS, so if the market continues to strengthen, the EOS increase will be very objective.

Therefore, these two currencies are very important, and they are often the next stage, the key currency for the Air Force and the multi-military.

Regarding the altcoin, I still emphasize the domestic altcoin. The NAS and VET recommended yesterday are all oversold, while other such as GXC, HC, NEO, etc. have risen sharply, hitting a new high in the stage.

Mainly because the domestic project party began to make a market, in an attempt to do something when the market is good, a wave of leeks must be pulled to attract people; while foreigners are doing things, there are few market-making teams, and the general performance is not Ok, I can only pull on the good news.

In fact, 90% of the blockchain projects are funded. Everyone wants to make money and they have to follow the rich masters. Of course, these people are sick in the hands. We can only leave before cutting the leeks to save the fruits of victory. . More investment advice pay attention to the public number: the currency circle big devil

In short, the market is good, everyone is happy, the cows and ghosts will come out, there will be various scams on the market, I hope everyone is vigilant. Going to the big exchanges and buying good coins is the only advice. If you don't participate in private placements or funds, you don't know where to run.

After yesterday's madness, Bitcoin closed the cross star today, and the amount can begin to shrink. Yesterday, it left a long upper shadow line. In the short term, it will maintain a volatile trend. It may return to stepping on 100 million US dollars. The decline is the chance of bottoming out.

From the indicators point of view, the trend of Bitcoin has begun to slow down, short-term indicators KDJ and RSI have signs of a correction, representing a short-term callback, KDJ has a high cross-cut; and MACD has reached a relatively high level, facing callback demand. Therefore, I guess that the next three days will be a narrow range of shocks, 10,000 US dollars can be bargain-hunting, and the top to the vicinity of 11500 can be reduced, can not be broken in a short time.

The trend of ETH is stronger than Bitcoin, which means that the potential for higher growth is even greater. However, in the short-term, the indicator also reached the callback. It can be seen that although the amount of ETH can be amplified, it is not as exaggerated as bitcoin. It is moderately heavy and has the potential to continue to rise in the later stage. As the market starts, I believe that the 1CO currency will once again prevail, and the price of ETH will rise.

From the indicators, the short-term KDJ began to retrace, RSI also stagflation, need to digest the previous increase; but MACD still has room for growth, the Bollinger Band opening, there is also the possibility of rising, continue to be optimistic.

Looking at the position of 290-300 US dollars is an effective support, you can add a position in this interval, and there is a large resistance near the top 350, when you can lighten up.

On the whole, the recent investment opportunities in the altcoin are still dominated by domestic projects, and continue to rise, while foreign projects are also the focus of attention, and bitcoin and mainstream currencies have limited investment opportunities in the next three days. , more currency recommendations can pay attention to the public number: the currency circle big devil

Source: QKL123