Wu Zhifeng, China Development Bank: New technologies such as blockchain promote the "distributed" development of the world pattern

On June 24th, the director of the International Strategy Research Division of the National Development Bank issued a report that while China is developing rapidly, the global emerging market economies have achieved a group rise. The group rise of emerging economies has shaken the “central-periphery” structure, and the world economic structure has increasingly become a distributed structure. In this distributed structure, the original central countries such as the G7 are still important nodes, but the "BRIC countries", the "Siberian Cats and the Six Nations", the ASEAN countries and other growing Asian, African and Latin American countries have gradually emerged as New important node. Moreover, the distributed structure of the world economy is supported by the technological revolution. Financial technologies such as blockchain have promoted the development of value Internet, enabling decentralization and distributed expansion of value global transfer. The combination of the distributed structure of technology and the worldwide spread of knowledge makes it almost impossible for a single country in the era of globalization to want to control the transfer and penetration of technology.