Bloomberg: Mainstream investors re-emerged interest to push up BTC prices, observers say caution needs to be a dead cat rebound

On June 24th, the reason for the soaring bitcoin, data provider Indexica research shows that there are three main drivers: more complex conversations around Bitcoin, less fear of fraud, and the way Bitcoin is talked about from the past to the future Temporal. Matt Greenspan, senior analyst at eToro, said the market has matured since the last bitcoin broke $10,000. Compared with last year, there are now signs that the mainstream is re-interesting in cryptocurrency and potential blockchain technology, most notably Facebook's Libra. However, some observers warned that the speed of the rebound proved once again that it is necessary to be cautious. Whitney Tilson, founder of Emire Financial Research, said that don't be fooled by this year's dead cat, and that the price will be much lower after one year.