The data shows that the new traffic of Bitcoin continues to grow and the funds in the market continue to be active.

According to Tokenview data, last week (2019.6.17-6.23) bitcoin chain index rose steadily, the average daily active address number was 798705, down 0.42% from last week; the average daily new address number was 421923, compared with Week rose by 4.29%. The number of transactions per day on the average chain was 359,151, up 5.74% from the previous week; the average daily transfer amount for a single transfer greater than 100 BTC was 1,873, up 0.11% from last week. The number of new addresses in Bitcoin continued to grow, and the extra-currency funds continued to flow. After a single day of active multi-million, it remained at a relatively high level, which had a positive impact on the market outlook.