The Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile phone is at risk of being hacked, and the security of the encrypted wallet is questioned.

According to Dailyhodl's April 7 report, Samsung's new Galaxy S10 phone is at risk of being hacked.


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Since the Samsung Galaxy S10 pioneered the integration of the cryptocurrency wallet, it was widely touted as a game rule changer in the cryptocurrency field, but its security was clearly much lower than expected.

In February of this year, Samsung announced that its latest S10 mobile phone will integrate a secure blockchain wallet for storing encrypted asset private keys. But a recent video released on Imgur shows that a security researcher named Darkshark seems to have bypassed the mobile device's biometric security system and unlocked the phone.

Darkshark used a well-designed solution to show how the phone's built-in ultrasonic fingerprint sensor was tricked by him. He first took the original fingerprint, then modified the image in Photoshop, then created a 3D model and printed it out. The whole process took about 13 minutes and finally made a 3D model of the fingerprint.

According to Darkshark, he used his smartphone to take a fingerprint of his own glass. He said:

"I repeatedly printed it three times in order to get the best matching fingerprint. The first time I forgot to mirror the fingerprint, but yes, I got it three times and finally got it. In some cases, the printed 3D fingerprint will Unlock my phone, just like my finger.

This brings a lot of ethical issues and concerns. Nothing prevents me from stealing your fingerprints without your knowledge, then printing your fingerprints on the gloves and then committing crimes. If I stole someone else's phone, their fingerprints are already on it. I can complete the whole process in less than 3 minutes, then start 3D printing remotely so that once the printing is complete, I can get it right away. Most banking applications only require fingerprint authentication, so if your phone only has fingerprint protection, I can get all your information in less than 15 minutes and then spend all your money. Last month, the Samsung Galaxy S10 launched a rich set of features, but the tech giant selected the United States, Canada and South Korea to launch its encrypted wallet from more than 70 countries. While other users are also able to download Android apps and open wallets, geographic restrictions have made it impossible for these buyers around the world to activate the encrypted wallet feature, and they have been wondering why.

According to CoinDesk Korea, Samsung's blockchain wallet is currently only compatible with Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens, and it is expected that it will fully support other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, at some point in the future. Regarding the cloning of fingerprints, Darkshark warned:

"If I stole your phone… your fingerprint is on it. Before I posted the video, I actually distort my fingerprint. So yes, you can't use the same technique to deal with me, haha. This is just an experiment. I won't delve into biometric physics hacks or other things. I just think this is an interesting idea and it works well."

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