Telegram "moving bricks and arbitrage" fraud, a single amount of scams up to 2000 Ethereum, worth about 4 million yuan

According to monitoring, at 12:42:28 on June 18th, Beijing time, there were users who suffered Telegram "moving brick arbitrage" fraud. The criminals lied to convert HT to HT at a ratio of 1:140, tricking the "Little White" user into transferring the ETH into the fraudster 0x7C4C3B account for redemption of the fake HT (false HT contract address: 0x6f3428960aa5b42f20205387d7473a33e7290bd0). As of the time of the report, the scam is still running. Many users have been deceived. The total amount of fraudulent addresses is as high as 2,192 ETHs. The single user is defrauded to 1968.35 ETHs, worth about 4 million yuan. Currently, the scammer has transferred funds to the new address at the beginning of 0xEAe1Ec.