Grin founder Ignotus Peverell temporarily leaves the Grin project for personal reasons

On June 24th, according to BlockBeats news, Grin fans released WeChat news today, and Grin's anonymous founder Ignotus Peverell temporarily left the Grin project for "personal reasons." It is understood that the anonymous founder Igno did not appear in several recent Grin developer/governance meetings. BlockBeats understands that Igno is also a contributor to Grin's first code. It is still a community leader and contributes a lot to the community. On June 24th, the chairman of the Grin Technical Committee, Yeastplume, posted the "Igno's departure" in the grin official forum. The following is a note by Yeastplume about the departure of Grin's founder Igno. The article says they are also connected to Igno, who just needs to leave the community for personal reasons. The specific return date Igno did not explain, but the community hopes that he can come back as soon as possible. Yeastplume also wrote that Grin is an open source project, development and development does not depend on a certain individual or organization, other developers will continue to develop Grin during the time Igno left.