Like Nakamoto, the founder of Grin announced that he would leave the project temporarily.

In the early morning of June 24th, Beijing time, the full-time developer of the privacy cryptocurrency Grin (Chinese name Gu Ling coin ) Yeastplume posted that Grin's anonymous founder Ignotus Peverell chose to temporarily leave the project for personal reasons (at least a few months) Time), but did not provide specific reasons, which also led to a lot of discussion among members of the community.


The following is the original post translation:

“As some have noticed, Igno has not been very active in the past few weeks. He recently told us in the committee that for personal reasons he needs to leave the project for a while. We have no information about him. Or return further details of the timetable, but we expect him to be absent for at least a few months or longer. Since Grin is open source, it does not rely on any individual or group to make progress, so he is absent In the case of our work, our work will continue uninterrupted.

In a letter to the committee members, Igno stated that Grin's achieved the best possible as much as possible. This is for the entire community, and we still have a long way to go. As a member of the current committee, we will continue to do our duty as always, do our best, and move forward with a smile in the spirit of Igno's initiative. We look forward to the return of Igno and, as always, invite you to join us and help Grin to become better.

— Grin Technical Committee

It is reported that Ignotus Peverell has contributed the first line of code to Grin since October 2016. It is the most contributor to the Grin project code, and the community is willing to take it as a leader.


The true identity behind the pseudonym Ignotus Peverell is still a mystery. We only know that this name comes from one of the three brothers mentioned in The Legend of the Three Brothers in The Story of the Poetry. . Legend has it that Ignotus Peverell has an invisibility cloak that even allows him to escape the chase of death.

As the founder and chief developer of Grin, Ignotus Peverell chose the most difficult road to develop the Grin project, which did not raise funds, did not pre-dig, and did not collect the founder block rewards, compared to the bits created by Nakamoto. The distribution of the coin, Grin, is more fair because it received a lot of attention from the beginning.

However, because Ignotus Peverell set the economic rule of producing 60Grin coins in 1 minute without reducing production, Grin was considered by many to be an infinite currency and worthless.

In this regard, Ignotus Peverell once explained:

"About this post and similar posts in the future, if you want to make constructive criticism of the emission curve, at least give some decent ideas. Repeating what you read on Reddit is not counted.

more specifically:

At least the loss rate must be considered when establishing the supply curve. For example, have you ever thought that 50% of the 21 million bitcoins will disappear at a certain point in time?

Compared with other slow-discharge coins, grin's inflation rate is only 33% more than Bitcoin after 8 years, or choose something new: zcash. Controversy why this is important (or not important).

Compared with the fast-discharge currency, Monroe has released more than half of the coins in 17 months. How does this affect long-term adoption? About using it?

Analyze average encrypted user and investor behavior. How do multi-year emission curves (fast or slow) affect them? What is the real adoption driver (long-term and short-term?)

Do not use ECON101 in the parameters. This can be used to argue about anything, and the opposite is true. Convince Nouriel before accusing us of not understanding economics. Well, maybe I will listen.

Consider different strategies and how they can exploit the advantages and disadvantages of different blockchains. For example, what is the impact on Ethereum when daily supply is difficult to allocate?

Facts and actual research. Unfounded opinions are a bunch of trivial things.

The GRIN team is serious, and if you can provide sufficient empirical research, showing that different supply curves will be better for GRIN, we will definitely listen. But don't think that after you spend 5 minutes listening to the grin we built in the past 2 years, we will have a knee-jump response and expect us to listen to your voice.

This is like when Satoshi Nakamoto first responded to BM's questioning, explaining why he set the 10-minute block time, the next sentence:

"If you don't understand what I mean, then I don't have time to convince you."

Today, Ignotus Peverell seems to have left silently after Nakamoto had posted a message saying "I started doing something else" and left an interesting currency experiment for the world. This "Zhongben Cong spirit" will undoubtedly be a big loss for the Grin project, but it seems to be helpful for the decentralization of the project.

Or, at which point in time Ignotus Peverell will return to the Grin community, time will tell us the answer.