Twitter Featured: Connect V God, say your worship of the Ethereum application Top 3

What are the three best applications in your heart in Ethereum?

Ethereum founder V God sends a question: In your mind, what are the 1 to 3 applications that best represent Ethereum?

Ethhub_io founder Anthony Sassano commented:

Open credit system – represented by MarkerDao (plus DAi, a decentralized stable currency)

Decentralized exchanges – such as Uniswap, 0x, peer-to-peer decentralized exchanges (kyber network, airwap)

New models of social collaboration – such as decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs)

V God then commented: There are no financially unrelated applications (such as: ENS, identity system, ethsites) that you like.

(Translator's Note: ENS Ethereum Domain Name System, designed to make it easy to remember / access Ethereum blockchain address; ethsites is a series of javascript code that can query Ethereum blockchain and explain how to use code from blockchain The technology for reading websites is said to be inspired by BSV's Metanet)

Anthony replied: If I had to choose a non-financial application that had the most potential to have a positive impact on the world, I think it is a decentralized identity system.

ENS itself is very powerful (we need to integrate it with other things.)

Marcel , a slightly ridiculous fan, replied that the three most representative applications in his mind are: ICO (first token release), CryptoKitties (crypto cat) and DAO events.


Coinbase CEO talks about privacy

Coinbase co-founder and CEO Brian Armstrong: A blockchain that can be expanded, fully decentralized, and defaults to privacy transactions (Privacy Currency), will be a change in game rules.

I think, like the Internet, it started with HTTP, now it's HTTPS, and cryptocurrencies can and should evolve in the same direction. Just like messaging, end-to-end encryption starts at the edge and is now the default.

You won't put your credit card on a website without an HTTPS lock icon, but we do it every time we swipe the card. Our transaction data ends up in 100 databases and is waiting to be destroyed. Everyone who has financial privacy will be a better/more free world.

The default encryption countermeasures (projects) are a bit difficult to extend, but I think this is possible. Some people are studying it.

I hope there are a lot of them (Brain shared in the tweet an article entitled "A new Zcash blockchain is under construction to serve 10 billion people.")

We are now in the Cambrian stage of the explosion of encryption ideas, where more than 10 great teams are building the next generation of blockchains. I hope that at some point, the industry will begin to integrate one or two of these blockchains so that we can truly expand our global solutions.

Cobra Cobra commented on this: the only projects that do this are Mimblewimble-based coins, such as Grin and Beam (although both are flawed); Grin has a bad economic model and Beam has some governance issues. People who respond to Monero don't realize that once the volume is huge, it has poor scalability.

(Translator's Note: MimbleWimble is a blockchain protocol that focuses on alternative, extensibility, and privacy. Grin and Beam are practitioners of the MimbleWimble protocol, both in hash algorithms, governance mechanisms, and programming languages. Different.)


Retail investors lost phobia (FOMO) has not yet begun

Forbes commentator Joseph Young:

Google Trends is a good retail indicator, and the 2019 interest index for Bitcoin is not as good as 2017.

If 100 points, 2017 is 100 points, and June 2019 is 12 points.

The Lost Phonophobia (FOMO) of retail investors has not yet begun, and may not even feel FOMO.

Earlier, the founder of the Medx agreement, James Todaro , shared a similar point:

Most retail investors are not interested in the 2019 bitcoin gains.

They only remember the peak of $20,000.

Before Bitcoin exceeded $20,000, most retail investors believed Bitcoin was going to zero.

The missed phobia in the bull market in 2015-2017 was not started until April 2017, when Bitcoin prices broke through the previous high of $1,270.

According to your personal experience, do you think FOMO started? Welcome to tell us in the message area~

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