The Russian ruble transaction volume on LocalBitcoins remains high despite the cancellation of the cash transaction service

According to AMBCrypto, according to CoinDance, the weekly Bitcoin trading platform LocalBitcoins chart shows that the Russian ruble transaction volume is still high. At the beginning of June, due to the announcement of the cancellation of the cash transaction service by LocalBitcoins, many people expect that the trading volume of the platform will drop sharply. However, according to the latest data, the trading volume of the top countries on the platform has not plummeted, including Moscow. This is still the case. Data show that before the announcement of this announcement, the platform's first week of June ruble transactions amounted to 1.174 billion, a significant high, and after being affected by the announcement, the ruble transaction volume fell to 1.104 billion in the second week. In the next two weeks, the ruble transaction volume rose back to a high in May 2019, reaching 1.188 billion in the week beginning June 22. Based on the above data, it can be seen that Russia is indeed an active LocalBitcoins market. In addition, LocalBitcoins is also very popular in South America, and its weekly trading volume is very good in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile and Argentina (except Brazil).