The data shows that there have been slippage on Coinbase, and about 30,000 ETHs are suspected of being sold.

According to AMBCrypto, at 23:54 (UTC time) on June 22, about 30,000 ETHs were sold off on Coinbase, resulting in nearly 40 minutes of slippage. Due to this slippage, the ETH price change has reached about 3%. It is reported that slippage often occurs due to the difference between the expected execution price and the actual execution price. However, when there is not enough volume to maintain the current bid-ask spread at the selected price, this may also happen due to the execution of a large number of orders. A photo posted by Twitter user Crypto_marx showed that 30,000 ETHs were sold on Coinbase for about $300. DonAlt, a cryptocurrency investor, said that it seems that some people want to get rid of ETH on Coinbase, and don't even care about slippage. This is not a good idea. In addition, BNB has a similar situation. Unlike ETH, BNB's slippage is not only downward, but also has an upward trend. Note: Slippage generally refers to the offset between the actual transaction price and the preset transaction price. This offset is generally moving in a direction that is not favorable to the trader, resulting in additional losses in the transaction.