Chairman of the Network Business Bank: attaches great importance to blockchain technology and has completed the application of many scenarios.

Hu Xiaoming, President of Ant Financial and Chairman of Network Merchants Bank, expressed his great importance to blockchain technology and said: "We have done a few years of research and technology exploration before, and have accumulated the most patents in the world. After completing the application of many scenes, for Libra, we feel that the whole society should treat this matter with an open and cautious attitude.” Jin Xiaolong, president of the online business bank, revealed that the online merchant bank and the Chengdu Comprehensive Enterprise Guarantee Enterprise Center last week The blockchain that has made the guarantee certificate, under the guarantee of the guarantee certificate blockchain, has already obtained financing from the enterprise. Another scenario is the link of asset transfer. Through the blockchain technology, a large number of debts and debts are provided. Information and collaboration agencies are synchronized.