Bitcoin Data Weekly | Price breaks 10,000 US dollars, the data on the chain is a new high, "mad cow" strikes?

Bitcoin broke through the $10,000 mark and opened a new market. Most investors are confused about the future, and they are afraid of being quilted .

Here, Gikee will provide some investment advice for you from the changes in the data on the chain.

1. Circulation market value

As of Monday, the market capitalization of Bitcoin: US$19.156 billion , up by 29.941 billion US dollars last week, up 18.15%, to RMB 1.32 trillion, with a total circulation of 17.774 million, with a circulation rate of 84.63%, accounting for the global market value of digital currency. 58.78%.

2. Secondary market

Bitcoin prices rose sharply this week, up 19.94% , up 38% from the previous month and up 79.42% from last year , setting a new high for the year. The Bitcoin successfully broke through 10,000 US dollars, once again opened up the upside, and the follow-up is expected to hit a new high.

3, the chain data

By extending the period of Bitcoin, it can be found that the data on the chain is positively correlated with the price. With this pull-up, the data on the chain grows synchronously. The increase in activity on the chain will reveal the circulation value of Bitcoin. The faster the circulation, the more recognized its value.

For the subsequent changes in the market, the indicators on the chain tend to play the role of the weather vane, and can focus on the data changes in the chain.

4. Account status

This week, the number of new accounts increased by 2.854 million, up 2.84% from the previous week . The number of newly added accounts reached a new high. The number of active accounts this week was 3,478,700, up 2.00% from the previous week . The number of participating users was 4,622,600, up 3.43% from the previous month . 66,600, an increase of 13.63% from the previous month .

From the account situation, the number of new accounts, active accounts, and participating trading accounts all hit a new high. With the increase in prices, more and more people are participating in Bitcoin transactions and opening Bitcoin accounts. The constant increase in funding they bring will strongly support the price of Bitcoin.

5. Number of transactions, transaction volume, transaction amount

This week, the number of transactions was 2,500,500, up 5.93% from last week; the transaction volume was 155.560 million bitcoins, up 61.99% from the previous month; the transaction amount was 146.235 billion US dollars, up 87.19% from the previous month .

From the transaction data, the transaction volume and transaction amount of Bitcoin have increased substantially, and the growth of the number of transactions has been limited, indicating that the large amount of transfers has increased, the transactions between the giant whales have become active, and the price increase can continue to rise.

7, computing power situation

Bitcoin's total network computing power was 61.11EH/s, up 10.92EH/s from last week, up 21.75% . From the trend point of view, the computing power continued to rise . Price and computing power have always maintained a positive correlation.

From the data on the chain, Bitcoin's account data and transaction data have all hit a new high, and the price formation is well linked. It is estimated that this situation will be maintained in the short term, and the changes in the data on the chain can be kept at any time. In general, the data on the chain will change before the price changes . Pay attention to the public number: gikee01, learn more about market changes.