The Synthetix platform was attacked by Oracle. The attacker falsified the exchange rate and exchanged a large amount of sETH at a low price.

This morning, Synthetix, a synthetic asset issuance platform based on Ethereum, was exposed to Oracle attacks. In-depth analysis by PeckShield security personnel found that the attacker attacked the Synkent exchange rate data provider (ie Oracle) of Synthetix contract, causing the sKRW/sETH Token conversion rate to be wrong. The normal exchange rate was approximately 360,000 sKRW for 1 sETH, and the exchange rate after the attack was changed to 720sKRW. Exchange 1sETH to achieve a low-cost sKRW exchange for sETH. Suspected attackers with addresses starting at 0xedb85c exchanged 25,744,065,938 sKRWs for 35,759,524 sETHs. PeckShield security personnel hereby reminded that Oracle attack is a common security risk faced by DeFi asset management projects. It should strengthen the security and reliability of data sources. Security auditing and real-time monitoring of key data such as exchange rates should be avoided to avoid asset loss. .