The digital currency "JPM Coin" developed by JPMorgan Chase will start trial operation this year.

According to Bloomberg News on June 25, JPM Coin, the digital currency developed by JP Morgan Chase, will start trial operation as early as this year. JPMorgan Chase disclosed the project on the "JPMorgan Chase 2019 Investor Day" in 2019, which is an important project centered on the international settlement field at JPMorgan Chase. As a digital currency for instant settlement, the model is similar to virtual currency using DLT technology. JPMorgan Chase initially disclosed its target customers to its main customers, and according to the latest reports, customers in countries other than Europe, the United States and Japan also showed interest in the project. According to reports, the trial run aimed at JPMorgan Chase's major customers, and from the past speech of the company's CEO Jamie Dimon, the project will focus on future commercial purposes and general adoption possibilities. Although JP Morgan Chase disclosed the possibility of commissioning JPM Coin, it is reported that there are still some obstacles in terms of relevant regulations. JPMorgan Chase said it needed to respond to the regulations of the countries in which it operates, which is also a future issue.