Bitcoin broke through $11,000 again, and the three major media outlets such as Bloomberg

Bitcoin broke through $11,000 again, and the three major media outlets such as Bloomberg

According to media data, the highest value cryptocurrency bitcoin broke through $11,000 on June 24th, Beijing time, and hit the highest price in 15 months. This has once again triggered the attention of the three major media outlets of Bloomberg, Forbes and CNBC.

Bloomberg is concerned about the impact of Bitcoin's breakthrough of $11,000 on cryptocurrency and blockchain-related stock prices. It issued a statement that a number of stock-related securities related to encryption have risen to a large extent, with Grayscale Bitcoin Trust BTC up 7.8%, Riot Blockchain Inc. up 4.8%, DPW Holdings Inc. up 6.7%, Marathon Patent Group up 3.7% . It also said that the industry generally believes that Bitcoin is benefiting from Facebook's cryptocurrency Libra's optimism for the market.

Forbes, however, published an article by contributor Clem Chambers today saying that although the price of bitcoin has risen a lot, it is still not the best time to sell. The article believes that

“The market is like a snow field. In some cases, an avalanche is inevitable. It only needs an event to start it. The current trade problems between the United States and Iran and China are obvious. These commotions are creating the next wave of bitcoin price increases. The tide."

The article concludes that although it should be sold at this time in accordance with normal operations, it should continue to be held until the bitcoin price breaks through $20,000 or the trend turns to decline.

CNBC also paid attention to the important performance of bitcoin price breaking through 11,000 US dollars today. It believes that Facebook's Libra project will bring bitcoin back to the spotlight of the media. The article quotes the opinion of the blockchain startup Kenetic Capital co-founder and startup investor Jehan Chu.

“The rise in bitcoin prices is due to two main factors. One is that the investment community is increasingly considering Bitcoin to be a legitimate stored value tool in the digital age. Second, Facebook’s Libra encryption project forces every company’s CEO to take seriously Encrypted currency."

CNBC also said that bitcoin has risen more than 170% this year. The rise of Bitcoin will also help to increase the price of other digital currencies. The price of Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency market, has more than doubled this year.