What does the wealth of the cryptocurrency field mean?

The representative of neoliberalism, the famous economist, and the Nobel laureate "Currency Denationalization" Hayek once said:

"What is money? Money is the greatest free tool invented by mankind."

This famous saying can be said to be the core of capitalism. Then subconsciously, humans will take it for granted that if there is a lot of money, of course, free, you can eat what you want to eat, buy a gift, and go on a long-awaited holiday. The first reaction is often not that Hayek emphasizes the importance and purpose of freedom.

Hayek’s vision is much higher than what we have done. The freedom he speaks is the freedom of the entire human society. Only when money is the axis, the whole society will be free. In addition, there is another sentence in economics. Freedom is the purpose and the means. Only freedom can promote freedom, and the kernel is money.

Those who know a little bit about economics know that there is a concept in economics called demand, that is, demand does not change for price fluctuations. Patients who really need life-saving drugs will buy medicines at a high price because life is just a need for patients. If there is no life, everything is white. Of course, it needs to be hierarchically different. Before that, Maslow’s demand theory was written. Demonstrate the relationship between human needs, interested can look for the previous article.

Feng Xiaogang's film "1942" describes a great famine in China in the last century. There is a plot in it. A young man finally found a small packet of biscuits and immediately ran to find his beloved girl and said that I would not divide it. Half of you, let me kiss you. Everyone is waiting for it, and he is still pondering this. He also compares and weighs the joy of the moment and the life of himself.

For example, a girl, facing two young men, one is poor, but also more honest, then if you choose to marry him, it means that I will be realistic in my life, I would rather be poor. Then, if you are willing to choose to marry a young man who is handsome and rich, but who spends his intestines? Then you mean that the old lady has already thought about it. I will catch it first. I will say it again for a few years. If something happens in the future, I will recognize it. When you look at such a girl, she calls the three views correct. She will not blame anyone for anything.

The above two examples illustrate three important concepts in economics: just need, scarcity and selectivity.

When you are full of food, you are qualified to talk about scarcity. With scarcity, you have a choice. Taking the relationship between the two sexes to explain, for men, only the economic foundation is sufficient to choose the space for scarce women; on the contrary, for women, only scarcity can choose men with stronger economic base. Perhaps the metaphor is not appropriate enough. Sometimes we will subconsciously think that price is a string of numbers, and it has no practical meaning.

Going back to our topic today: Does Bitcoin meet the above three conditions for us?

A few days ago, someone commented on Caesar's social media that something with zero bitcoin value could not judge why it rose, but also why it fell. The most important thing is that money is invested, and there is no cash flow. What is it used for?

At the time, Caesar was immersed in contemplation, but later he wanted to understand. The first sentence he said was already preconceived. He believed that Bitcoin was something of zero value, and later inferences were wrong. As for the argument that the rise or fall cannot be judged, it is not just that Bitcoin can't judge whether it is going up or down. All financial products are like this. As for cash flow, it is even more non-existent, that is, to enjoy the rise of assets. Have to generate cash flow, is there such a cheap thing in the world?

Bitcoin meets the need for a safe haven for monetary inflation, and it is scarce. Only by choosing him to do the bidding is to recognize the value of bitcoin's resistance to inflation. Otherwise everything is free.

Economics research is the general law of the operation of a large community composed of strangers. The trading market is the unpredictable value of the emotions of a large number of strangers exchanging prices. It is impossible to predict the emotional transformation of strangers. Emotion is a subtle process. From optimism to pessimism, it is not a slap but a slow process.

The total amount of bitcoin is only 2100w, and the liquidity is estimated to be several million. The scarcity is self-evident. This involves choice, trade-offs and trade-offs, which are the price.

You choose to hold Bitcoin. The opportunity cost is that you can't use the investment money to enjoy life. You can't use those people to buy good clothes, luxury cars and houses. You have to delay consumption and delay the satisfaction. You have to choose whether to buy. Expensive bitcoin, or a very cheap altcoin. Everything has a price. There are costs in the world. There is a saying that gifts in life have been secretly marked with prices.

Many people who are a little older, rich or unprofitable, can't understand young people's pursuit of cryptocurrencies. Perhaps they have forgotten that when China reforms and opens, their fathers do not understand the market economy. It is considered to be a resurgence of capitalism.

Money is a channel, and bitcoin is the gateway to the future world.

Bitcoin is a kind of monetarism. Many economists criticize bitcoin transactions as a purely cut amaranth capital game. Is it true that securities are not?

The earliest single-cell primitives have had a general problem until today, and they have never been solved, and that is scarce. For example, a petri dish, which is dripped with a drop of nutrient solution, puts a bacterium inside, which is extremely rich for bacteria. But you can rest assured that after a few hours, people will multiply to millions or even more. Then the drop of nutrient solution will not be enough. The scarcity will appear immediately, and finally it will die.

Human beings are the same, even in the industrial society of the past two hundred years, not to mention the fact that our human wealth has greatly improved, but what? Scarcity issues still exist.

It is the uneven distribution of wealth that has led to the prevalence of bitcoin.

The money that Hayek said at the beginning is the greatest free tool invented by mankind. In fact, there is a second half, which is particularly harsh. It means that only money is open to the poor, and power is never.

Author: Bitcoin Caesar