Zhu Jiaming: The three major problems behind Libra cannot be ignored.

Babbitt’s live report, on June 25, at the press conference on the publication of Libra’s World Impact and China’s Countermeasures, Zhu Jiaming, economist and director of the Digital Assets Institute, said that when we discussed Facebook, there were 3 Things should not be ignored: First, who controls Facebook? We need to see the 2.7 billion users affected by Facebook, and we also need to control the capital strength represented by the three funds behind Facebook. Second, the geographical distribution of Facebook users. The largest users in Asia are India, Indonesia, and Africa. It is Brazil. In other words, it controls two of the BRICS countries, penetrating more than our imagination; Third, what happened to Facebook's stock after the Libra white paper was released? The stock price has returned to its highest point since last year. In a week, the market value of 500 billion yuan has increased by 5%.