Data: ETH Dapp active users increased by 57.96% in the most recent month

According to RatingDapp and RatingToken big data monitoring, EOS Dapps active users 202264 in the last month, down 44.2% from last month; ETH Dapps active users 239,312, up 57.96% from last month, surpassing EOS, TRON became the most active Dapp monthly user Chain platform; TRON Dapps active users 161,970, down 46.09% from the previous month. In terms of monthly trading volume, EOS Dapp transaction volume was 73,992,525.45 EOS in the most recent month, down 39.51% from the previous month; ETH Dapp transaction volume was 1,140,551.28 ETH, down 16.52% from the previous month; TRON Dapp transaction volume was 11,916,357,646 TRX, down by 34.81 from the previous month. %. Https://