The digital economy leader class is just around the corner, and economist Zhu Jiaming will be the provost

On June 25th, Babbitt officially announced the appointment of Zhu Jiaming, the well-known economist and president of the Digital Assets Research Institute, as the provost of the digital economy leader class, participating in the teaching and research work of the digital economy foreman, and gradually releasing the latest research results to explore The application of “study and research”. For the development plan of the digital economy leader class, Professor Zhu Jiaming believes that promoting the integration process of “production, learning and research” will be the primary task of the curriculum system. It is necessary to highlight the integration of theoretical research and practical training, commercial systems and districts. Blockchain technology is integrated, localization is integrated with the global environment. On May 17, Babbitt School of Business signed a strategic partnership with the Zhejiang Digital Economics Association to announce the launch of the Digital Economy Leadership Class. The cooperation between the two parties aims to cultivate a group of leaders who are deeply integrated with the industry and the blockchain, assisting the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises, accelerating the blockchain and industrial integration, and better welcoming the era of industrial blockchain. Link: