Zhu Jiaming as the chief of the digital economy leader class | strong mentor lineup, waiting for nothing

The digital economy leader class is just around the corner. On June 25th, he officially announced the appointment of Zhu Jiaming, a well-known economist and dean of the Digital Assets Research Institute, as the provost, to participate in the teaching and research work of the digital economy foreman, and to gradually announce the latest research results and explore the "production, study and research". "The landing application."

Zhu Jiaming is a well-known economist with a master's degree, doctorate and MBA degree in economics from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and MIT. In the 1980s, Zhu Jiaming served as the former Comprehensive Technical Team of the State Council Technical Economic Research Center, the International Institute of China International Trust Corporation (CITIC), the Western Research Center, the Beijing Youth Economics Association, the head of the China Reform and Open Foundation, and the Industrial Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Associate researcher of the Institute, and editor of the "Towards the Future" series and the editor of the "Young and Middle-aged Economic Forum".

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Zhu Jiaming, well-known economist, Dean of Digital Assets Research Institute

In the 1990s, Zhu Jiaming served as a visiting scholar and researcher at world-renowned universities such as Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After 2000, Zhu Jiaming was an economist at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and taught at the University of Vienna and the University of Taiwan. Since 2010, Zhu Jiaming has been involved in the field of encrypted digital currency and blockchain, and has served as the convener of the Academic and Technical Committee of the Digital Assets Institute, which is centered in Beijing. Zhu Jiaming's representative work is "From Freedom to Monopoly: China's Monetary Economy for Two Thousand Years."

In economics, Professor Zhu Jiaming is particularly concerned about the digital economy. He has repeatedly proposed the concept of “blockchain cluster” and the “top-to-big bang” theory of digital economy, and advocated the establishment of “Digital Assets Research Institute”, which initiated high-quality such as blockchain mathematics conference and blockchain economics conference. Academic conferences continue to voice the evolution of encrypted digital currencies and blockchains. After being invited to become the chief consultant of the Digital Economy Leadership Class, Professor Zhu Jiaming will announce the latest research results and explore the application of “production, study and research”.

Under the important opportunity of the rapid integration of blockchain technology with digital economy and industrial transformation, Professor Zhu Jiaming said that the digital economy leadership class will help the new generation of innovation leaders in the blockchain grow, accelerate the digital transformation and upgrade of the enterprise, and promote the blockchain and The integration of the industrial chain has important implications.

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Building a digital leader ecology

Cultivate the leaders of the new digital business

1. Zhu Jiaming will serve as the chief consultant of the leadership class

After serving as a leader in the digital economy, Professor Zhu Jiaming will give constructive comments and suggestions on class orientation, curriculum system teaching and research, and student development programs. In the aspect of teacher construction, content, practice and cognitive upgrading, the research results of China Digital Assets Research Institute will be integrated to lay the foundation for the results. Adhering to the positioning of the leader team's "digital economy connector" , we will integrate the highest quality "production, study and research" resources, and create a teaching that "see the industry situation – activate the ecological difficulties – multi-dimensional teaching mode – production, study and research – capital business opportunity" mode.

In 2008, Professor Zhu Jiaming led the formation of the Digital Assets Research Institute (CIDA), which focuses on digital economic theory, applications and testing. In this process, Professor Zhu Jiaming's research on "blockchain applied mathematics" deeply analyzed the relationship between blockchain and mathematics and the possibility of "blockchain applied mathematics". He believes that the blockchain has become a new variable embedded in modern economic life, which will gradually increase the impact on the traditional economic cycle. Encrypted digital currency and blockchain are typical Schumpeter-style "creative destruction" and are "innovation" of complete meaning. In the future development of blockchain, it is necessary to continue to search for a wider range of application scenarios in existing models and technical frameworks, or to involve more scientific ideas, scientific methods, and scientific methods to deconstruct and reconstruct new ones. Blockchain.

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Zhu Jiaming, well-known economist, Dean of Digital Assets Research Institute

2. Promote a new ecosystem of integration of production, learning and research

Zhu Jiaming said in an interview that in the next 10 years, the application of the blockchain will be expanded in the process of interdisciplinary, challenging and subverting the original business and production models. He believes that in all applied mathematics systems, it is now possible to have a developmental blockchain . Therefore, the blockchain will be a bridge between the mathematical world, the conceptual world and the non-conceptual world, the physical world and the physical world.

After the launch of the Digital Economy Leadership Class, Zhu Jiaming expressed great expectations and confidence in the cooperation with the Digital Economics Association of Zhejiang Province.

He believes that the current opportunities and challenges of the blockchain industry coexist, and the reserve and development of industry leaders is the key link to achieve industrial ecological breakthrough. In the future, the leaders of the blockchain industry will be the necessary formula for the company's continued success . The concept orientation and training program of the digital economy foreman is focused on such a frontier strategic background and conforms to the core needs of the blockchain innovation ecosystem.

For the development plan of the digital economy leader class, Professor Zhu Jiaming believes that promoting the integration process of “production, learning and research” will be the primary task of the curriculum system. It is necessary to highlight the integration of theoretical research and practical training, commercial systems and districts. Blockchain technology is integrated, localization is integrated with the global environment . The individual strength of the students and the growth of the company must become the core concern of the digital economy leader class. The team of the leader class of the leader class gathers 30 well-known university professors, industry scholars think tanks, and first-line entrepreneurs in the field of industry, capital and blockchain. Top resources, such as Luo Mei, He Baohong, Chen Gang, Cai Weide and so on. The aim is to bring the “production, study and research” to a better level and help the trainees to develop the core competitiveness of the industry leaders in a global perspective.

He said that in the future, he will carry out multi-dimensional and in-depth cooperation with Zhejiang Digital Economics Association and Babbitt Business School to make more contributions to China's economic and social development.


The recruitment of the first student has been opened!

Walking with the famous teacher and the big brother

On May 17, Babbitt School of Business signed a strategic partnership with the Zhejiang Digital Economics Association to announce the launch of the Digital Economy Leadership Class. The cooperation between the two parties aims to cultivate a group of leaders who are deeply integrated with the industry and the blockchain, assisting the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises, accelerating the blockchain and industrial integration, and better welcoming the era of industrial blockchain.

On June 12, the first phase of the leadership class was officially launched, and the enrollment for the 40-seat quota began . The current enrollment has exceeded 20.

Leadership applicants will focus on the founder and CEO of the blockchain industry, the chairman and corporate partners of traditional industries, and industry investors. This year, a total of 8 series of major classes, invited 30 top industry instructors to join, the blockchain commercial operation actual combat system as the main body, including global study tour, high-end private directors, corporate private visits and other special module courses, and match more than 200,000 Babbitt VIP featured rights and nearly 200,000 personal or corporate blockchain consulting interests.

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Industrial digital upgrade

Continue to promote cross-border win-win

The “Digital Economy Leadership Class” integrates the “production, learning and research” resources of the Zhejiang Digital Economics Association, and at the same time injects Babbitt’s digital ecological capabilities integrating media, capital, incubation and training in the blockchain field, and is committed to becoming A new generation of "digital economy connectors."

Different from the training content of the traditional blockchain business school, the digital economic leader class pays more attention to the practical combination of blockchain and industry. Through the creation of a panoramic commercial operation system, the founders of the blockchain can upgrade the personalized operation system and solve the painful problem of combining traditional enterprises with blockchain.

Guided by the "Digital Economy Leadership Culture", the Leadership Group brings together like-minded actors, redefines a new generation of business leaders, and finds people who "do things, not do things." At the same time, the curriculum learning cycle is designed as a one-year system, and the lifelong learning program is promoted, becoming a good teacher and friend for lifelong companionship.

As advocated by Professor Zhu Jiaming, the leadership class through systematic knowledge and thinking training, tutor resources and platform construction, to achieve the management innovation of traditional enterprise leading talents , the potential of the founder of the blockchain field, the industry investment and fund talents Cross-border win-win.

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"The world has quickly entered an era of paralleling the traditional monetary and financial systems with the digital and monetary financial system, and this era has arrived."

——Zhu Jiaming