Commentator: Virtual currency has always been more than just a technical issue, but financial security, sovereign currency

On June 25th, the Postdoctoral Fellow of Applied Economics of the China Academy of Fiscal Science, the special commentator of Qianjiang Evening News and Lin Fawen, “Virtual Currency Libra, Currency Challenge in the Digital Age”, the article stated that whether the digital currency represented by Libra in the future will Taking over the status of the US dollar as an international currency, infiltrating the global economy to control the lifeline of finance, and making the United States continue to enjoy the super dividend of international currency hegemony is thought-provoking. From a national perspective, does the legalization and popularization of digital currency mean that a new round of currency war has started? How should China carry out a strategic response to enhance the international competitiveness and voice of the future digital currency? With the deepening of economic globalization and the advent of the 5G era, the "digital ecology" trend is the trend, and the future digital currency will be the inevitable choice of reality. If “stable currency” really becomes a wide-ranging alternative to traditional currency, the bank’s existing business model and the entire economic operation will inevitably face many challenges. Stealing that no matter whether the Fed tries to join hands with Facebook to extend the US international currency hegemony to the future digital currency era, in the face of the inevitable trend of digital development, we should actively embrace change, carefully predict the risk of prevention and control, and conduct digital currency research and systems. Development and ecological construction, and fully strategic preparation for a potential new round of currency war. Because virtual currency has always been more than just a technical issue, but financial security, sovereign currency.