Oracle startup plans to announce support for Chainlink oracle access

The Oracle for Startups program (Oracle for Startups) announced support for more than 50 Chainlink nodes/teams to provide superior input and output to the Oracle blockchain platform.

At the CloudExpo Conference, Oracle Startup plans to announce support for Chainlink sniper access and allow 50 eligible projects to target Oracle's 430,000 customers across 175 countries using the Oracle Blockchain platform. Data is realized. Fernando Riberio, head of Oracle's startup technology program, believes that a large-scale application of smart contracts is currently missing an important technology, which is decentralized middleware technology that provides reliable chain data for blockchain applications, while Chainlink ( Thousands of Unions complement this missing technology. Oracle is the top 100 technology company in the Global 500, focusing on providing database software, cloud systems and enterprise software products. Chainlink is a decentralized predictive machine system. With Chainlink, each chain can safely call the chain data, various APIs, and bank payment data.