President of the University of Firecoin: After reaching above $10,000, it is more optimistic about the long-term trend in the future.

According to the China Times, recently, the president of the University of Fire Capital, Yu Jianing, said in an interview that the price of Bitcoin of $10,000 is a major psychological barrier for the encrypted digital currency market. After reaching over $10,000, I am still optimistic about the long-term trend of digital assets in the future, but there will be a shockback in this process. However, the probability of a sharp rise in the second half of 2017 is relatively small. Because more and more institutional investors in this market are now entering the market, rather than being a market dominated by a group of global investment investors. As a digital asset, Bitcoin has three major elements: financial attributes, industrial attributes, and technical attributes. At the same time, it has become highly financialized. Therefore, the probability of getting rid of the "cyclical" financial law is that "there will be a rise and a decline." There is a rise." It is difficult to accurately predict short-term specific trends, but what is certain is that if there is a particularly rapid increase in the short term, then there will be a correction factor. (