Xu Mingxing: The blockchain industry is in a period of stagnation and will start a new round of opportunities.

Recently, the blockchain incubator B-Labs opened in Hangzhou. One of the founders, Xu Gang, founder of OK Group, sent a blockchain entrepreneur. He said that there was no success at a glance. The blockchain industry is now experiencing a period of stagnation and will begin a new round of opportunities. For entrepreneurs, this is the best era and the worst. In this era, we are experiencing a great change in the past century, great material progress and a broad spiritual territory, providing entrepreneurs with a broad stage to enjoy wisdom and energy. But now our generation of entrepreneurs is no longer facing the rise of BAT. Innovations and breakthroughs in various fields are happening all the time. Innovation in traditional fields has become increasingly difficult, and exploration in emerging fields is full of variables. The road to blockchain entrepreneurship is full of unknowns. I want to give you a word: The only way to make the best choice is to make yourself stronger.