Libra Association members have not invested in one project so far, and it is still undetermined whether they will participate in the project.

On June 26th, New York Times reporter Nathaniel Popper issued a statement saying that in addition to the regulator's doubts about Facebook's cryptocurrency, its partners are also on the sidelines. Popper said that some of the partners in the Libra Association are still approaching Libra with caution. Executives at seven of the companies said they joined the project by signing a non-binding agreement, in part because they knew they were not obligated to use or promote digital tokens (Libra) if they did not like the development of tokens. , you can quit at any time. Due to the sensitivity of the negotiations, the above executives spoke in an anonymous manner. Nathaniel Popper added on the Twitter platform that so far, the partners have only signed a letter of intent that is not binding (joining the Libra Association). There are no agencies that have provided any funding to Libra, and some partners say they will make the final decision to join the Libra Association only after the charter is finalized.