Quote analysis: Bitcoin continues to move upwards, and more emotions have signs of further spread to the three-line target

Recently, gold and Bitcoin have joined forces to increase their performance. We can see from the historical chart of gold that gold bottomed out in November 2008 and peaked in September 2011. The whole process of rising almost covered the entire interest rate cut and QE. The cycle, that is to say, the price of gold is highly correlated with the policy of the currency. Let’s take a look at Bitcoin. Bitcoin was born in 2008. Everyone has seen the results along the way. Now the interest rate cuts again, gold and bitcoin There is a change, I think this will be a cyclical rise, not a short-term event. In terms of the current trend of bitcoin, in fact, there are not many new investors in the cryptocurrency, and the market volume is not enlarged. obvious.

We have seen some changes in the star currency of the market some time ago, the market has a certain spread, and the money-making effect is expected to continue to spread to the three-line target.


BTC continues to open up space. The current currency price is close to 12,000 US dollars. It is oscillating along the 5 antennas and refuses to callback. However, the current macd indicator of 4 hours or 1 hour is a divergence state. It may be higher than the impact of the technical level, and at present the target has a resonance effect with gold, and it is difficult to see the macro factors of the decline in the short term. It is expected that the target will continue to fluctuate upwards. Of course, there is a certain pressure around 11700-12000. Looking back at the support around 11500, I personally think that the callback is a buy point.


There is still a difference between the trend of ETH and the trend of BTC. At present, ETH faces various challenges. The current market expansion speed is slow, and it is difficult to attract investors' attention without hard core benefits. Continue to shock consolidation, the volume of sales has shrunk slightly, the macd indicator continues to deviate from the state, and can observe whether it can be above $300. If it can successfully stay above that level, it may complete the deviation repair with time-for-space trend. Below that level, you may be looking for support, and once again break through $320 to move to $360.


LTC fell against the trend yesterday, playing a long shadow line, the trend is weak, failed to stand back to 10 antennas, less than a month to cut production, this round of performance has not been strong, macd indicators have been dead down If you don't pull up, 5 antennas and 10 antennas also have signs of a dead fork. The adjustment is expected to heat up. The first support level of the target is 12 dollars. If you break below this point, the head will be formed, paying attention to the risk.


BNB has been adjusted for four days in a row. Today, it will face 10 antennas. The 5 antennas are rapidly going downwards. There will be some pressure on the price of the currency. After the macd indicator deviates, there are signs of a dead fork. Observe whether the target can be pulled up today. To prevent macd's dead fork, the target has already stepped back to the support around $35.5. Observe whether it can stabilize and pick up the station back to 5 antennas. If it stabilizes at this point, it can challenge the new high point again. Position, it will test the support of 32.5 US dollars, drop below the 30-day moving average to leave.

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Source: QKL123